Tonight’s DDPD Prestwood meeting held by GMPC

Many thanks to the people of Prestwood who came along to the Village Hall tonight.  To view all the comments submitted to Chiltern District Council during the last public consultation on the draft DDPD please go to Responses to the Delivery DPD Public Participation April/June 2013 comprising 392 pages, so please be patient! Comments from some  Prestwood people and CDC’s responses may be seen at pages 231-237, 242, 253, 259, 279, 315, 323, 386. If you find more, let us know and we will amend this list.

It’s a case of sifting through what Prestwood people put forward then, adding any additional items that are important to you, and submitting them on the required form to CDC by 5pm on 4th April latest.  Don’t be put off by the fact that you have already said it all – this time is our last chance and we are assured that the Planning Inspector will see every submission to enable him to judge the soundness of the Plan.  Many of the items on the list have not made it into Chiltern District Council’s latest draft DDPD and you can help rectify this.  Also take a look at the Community Vision for HP16, a publicly consulted document in Prestwood a few years ago and the Great Missenden Parish Village Design Statement.  Both of these documents contain lists of items under the various sections which Prestwood villagers put forward as being needed in the village.  Please take the time to input your feedback to CDC – your opportunity to have your say and influence the future of your village.

Also see previous articles with links to the Chiltern District Council website and history of the DDPD.



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