Two public access AEDs in Prestwood

Thanks to Wendy Davis and the Village Hall Committee (with funding from Sweet Charity), there are now two defibrillators available 24/7 in the village. One on the wall of the old house in Wren Davis yard, Wycombe Road, the other sited at the village hall.

UntitledThese machines can re-start a heart that has stopped beating and, along with prompt CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), can be instrumental in saving a life. Once switched on, a voice prompt will take you through the operation of the machine in easy steps. It is programmed to recognise different heart rhythms and will only give a shock if appropriate, so it is impossible to harm the patient.

To access the AED simply ring the ambulance service on 999 quoting the location code on the front of the cabinet. They will give you the code for the press-button lock and will stay on the line to help you with added instructions if required.

Anyone can use one of these AEDs, but if you would like to be trained in their use then Chris Davy, local first-aid trainer can help. Her email is tel. 01494 865682.



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