Update on DDPD

The latest news on the Chiltern District Council’s Delivery DPD

CDC members have decided to delay the report on the Delivery Development Plan until the next scheduled Cabinet meeting in February 2014. As a result the report will not be available now as expected.

Members decided that they wanted more time to consider the Delivery Development Plan document as a whole and for all members of the Council to have a chance to consider the complete draft document.

The revised timetable is currently that the plan will be presented to the Housing and Planning Overview Committee on the 21st  January 2014 and to Cabinet on the 11th February 2014. The intention being to formally publish the document at the end of February if it is approved by the Cabinet.  This timetable is based on current intentions and should members decide they wish to take more time to consider the document then this may still change.

To follow the history of the DDPD see articles on this website:



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