Sometime around 8pm on Friday night (16/06/17) four teenagers (two girls and two boys) were seen leaving the area of Sheep Wash Pond on Honor End Lane.

This is the second time in a year that this community area has been damaged.  If you have any information about this please contact Thames Valley Police by dialling 101 and quote this crime reference number:  43170176830



5 thoughts on “Vandalism”

  1. It is sad that this is the second time within a year that the dipping platform has been vandalised.

    The area of Sheepwash Pond has been cared for over the past years by both Prestwood Nature and local residents who value the area as a place of calm and tranquility..

    But we must now consider whether we can continue to carry out extensive repairs on such a regular basis. Is the platform valued as a community asset or should we just give in to the vandals and remove all the woodwork?

    1. Such shame and totally mindless

      I would like to offer my services as a cabinet maker to replace all the decking floor and supply all the materials FOC
      Let me know what you think
      Regards to all
      Mark Pickard

      1. This is very generous of you and shows that community spirit is still alive and well in Prestwood.

        PN has already had an offer to repair the platform FOC and we have accepted it; should it fall through for any reason Mark I hope you will let us come back to you.

        Meanwhile thanks very much for the offer and helping to restore my faith in human nature.

        Vanessa Rickett

  2. What is wrong with these teenagers? They do not realize how lucky they are to live in such a lovely and safe place. No doubt the word ” innit” was used several times during this act of vandalism the words ” bruv” and ” innit” and ” blood” seem to be the words owed to make youngsters seem cool and with it with their friends from the ghetto!!!! God forbid!!! I myself would gladly make them clean out the pond and walk around for the day with a hi VI’s vest with VANDAL on for the day…… let’s see how they feel then.

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