Village Centre Revitalisation Project

Feedback from Prestwood Revite Group

Many thanks to the 177 who responded with their views during the consultation on the revitalisation of the village centre – details in the Source, Issue 44 May/June 2016  and at Prestwood Revitalisation Group.

Including Facebook likes and comments and varied brief messages via the PVA website, 143 were positive, 12 undecided and 22 against the scheme.

Many encouraging comments came in – “a real need for some TLC to improve the village centre – in particular, the area between the Chequers Tree and Village Hall which is crying out for an up-to-date quality image to give definition to what is the heart of the village”. 

“The ideas proposed by Ben Hamilton-Baillie will go a long way towards meeting the need, provided local people and businesses have a sense of ownership and commit to making it work into the future. “

“Hamilton-Baillie’s work in Petersfield, Hants is not dissimilar to the proposals for Prestwood, and really works despite it being a busy thoroughfare.  I have faith in what is proposed.”  

“Would make a huge difference to the economic prosperity of the businesses in the village and the enjoyment of the village for its residents going forward.”

Great Missenden Parish Council, with a majority in favour, covered many aspects in its response, including the effects of, or need for, the reclassification of the A4128 to a B road, with useful feedback also in from the Chiltern Conservation Board and CDC’s Planning Department.

Comments were often made which only have a tenuous connection to the proposals and varied in the depth which the scheme had been studied and understood.   Many replies also included potholes and badly maintained footpaths throughout the village which everyone needs to keep reporting,

Two main concerns, integral to the concept, raised were:

– parking, seen as a major problem in the village centre in the area from the Co-op into Honor End Lane and from Chequers Surgery to Sainsbury’s.  Better parking provision needed for shoppers, short-term visitors and deliveries, and for people working in this locality.

– the effect on traffic distribution which it was felt could result in drivers increasingly using Lodge Lane, Green Lane, Nairdwood Lane and Nags Head Lane, some of these having no footpaths and are narrow and twisting.

Some misgivings were expressed that the tree proposed outside the Chequers Tree pub would be a road hazard, although liked by many others; road surfaces in terms of maintenance, tactile finishes for the partially-sighted, road width for large vehicles at the A4128 junction with Chequers and Honor End Lanes and the need, or otherwise, for signage.   These concerns are now back with Hamilton-Baillie for comment and we’ll keep you posted as to the outcome.

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One thought on “Village Centre Revitalisation Project”

  1. I live in Lodge Lane Prestwood and think the project would be a great idea. My main concern would be EVEN more FAST traffic through Lodge Lane, may I suggest speed bumps and speed traps. Then at least the extra traffic would be quieter and safer.
    Steve Bowden
    Lodge Lane

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