Water works in Honor End Lane UPDATE

Honor End Lane road closure for 7 weeks from August 10 – WE HAVE A MAP.

We have pursued this with the contractors and we attach a map showing the closures.  The closure is in BLUE .  According to the contractors, the road will be completely closed for through traffic for up to 7 weeks, although it is hoped that completion will be sooner than that.  Road diversion signs will be in place. To see the full map, click on the image or use this link 

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4 thoughts on “Water works in Honor End Lane UPDATE”

  1. Am I right in thinking that there is a 13 ton weight limit on the Rignall Road bridge over the railway line in Great Missenden, and that there are signs on Rignall Road and Glade Road showing Honor End Lane as the HGV route to Great Missenden — the PDF does not seem to show any signs on Rignall Road – and in any case what is the alternative route into Great Missenden – this will need more signage further back to re-route HGVs

  2. I agree with John. What provision has been made for HGVs from the Rignall Road through Prestwood to High Wycombe etc.
    It seems like a badly presented project which looks as if it is going to disrupt the village greatly. Needs more thought.

  3. I had not thought about HGV’s in my previous comment, but neither had the authorities it seems. I notice that traffic is being diverted down Hangings Lane. Are HGV’s supposed to go down there? I guess most of them will disregard the weight limits anyway.

  4. I’m happy to say that contrary to their earlier predictions of closer of Honor Road for 7 weeks from August 10th, I’m sure most of you know by now that it has now been reopened for at least a week.
    There is still work going on in Honor End Lane, but that does not impede traffic too drastically.

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