Water Works in Honor End Lane

Honor End Lane road closure for 7 weeks from August 10

Thames Water are coming to a road near you soon.  We have received the following message from them.  For info, Glade Road is at the very end as you leave Prestwood, by the John Hampden memorial.

From Thames Water

We’ll soon be starting work in your area to replace the water pipes along a section of Honor End Lane. The new plastic pipes are much stronger and will ensure that we continue to provide a top quality service.       For the duration of our works there’ll be a road closure in place on Honor End Lane at the junction of Glade Road.  There will be a diversion route in place.  Please look for our street signage during our works.

Time table of when we are working

We’re planning to start out work on Thursday 10 August for approximately 7 weeks. You’ll see us around during the following times:

Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm  Saturday 8am to 2pm (if required)

There is a reference number and telephone number included:  ref BB202689  tel 0800 316 9800



3 thoughts on “Water Works in Honor End Lane”

  1. Can PVA provide more details about this please. Will this mean that the road to Great Hampden and/or down to Rignall Road will be closed? Perhaps some suggestions of alternative routes rather than rely on anonymous diversion signs.

    1. It would appear so, in which case I would suggest that the only viable diversion will be via Great Missenden, as Hangings Lane, Hotley Bottom Lane, Greenlands Lane and Perks Lane are totally unsuitable. However this should reduce the number of cars using our lanes as a rat run.

      1. Can I suggest that if you have a car with low profile tyres you do not attempt Hangings Lane.
        It is totally unsuitable. It is now also extremely dangerous for pedestrians who encounter speeding cars who have frustratingly been diverted from their usual route and are trying to catch up on an unfamiliar road. They are totally unaware of pedestrians, many with dogs who walk down to the footpath into Hangings Wood.

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