Who have you told?

Who have you told directly or indirectly that you’re going away on holiday?

A message from Thames Valley Police:

Tweeting or updating your social media status with details about your upcoming holiday could be just the green light that a burglar needs to target your home.

Many of us feel comfortable sharing information with friends and colleagues on social media, but there are privacy concerns about what information we give and who can access it. A simple status update could alert someone you don’t know that your home is empty.

Did you realise that often friends of your friends on these sites may be able to see your updates simply by ticking to say they like your posts? Also putting holiday photos online before your trip ends could let thieves know that you are still away. Equally worrying, is that many people are not even aware that their location is revealed when they post on these sites.

Before you go on holiday, always remember to:

Avoid posting anything on social media that might let burglars know you are going to be away.

Tell only trusted friends and neighbours about your holiday plans.

Ensure that your home is secure – lock windows and doors, set an alarm if you have one.

Make it look like you are at home – use timer switches with lights, set a radio to come on, leave a car on the drive and have your post removed every day.

Cut your lawns and hedges prior to going away and, cancel deliveries such as milk and newspapers.

Keep valuables in a bank safety deposit box or adequately secured if in your home.



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