Zion Chapel, Kiln Road

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The following has been received from the Gospel Standard Trust. We have been asked to make this widely available to the public. Please note that the Trustees are inviting comments from interested parties. See the full note by downloading the link at the bottom of this notice.

“Owing to the dwindling congregation the above chapel was closed for public worship following the last service on Tuesday 4 September 2012. The Trustees have now sold this chapel. The Trustees will still have the responsibility for the upkeep of the Burial Ground situated in Kiln Road on the opposite side of the road to the chapel.

The Trustees are considering an application to the Charity Commission for a Scheme whereby part of the proceeds of sale can be set aside to provide a Permanent Endowment, the income from which can be used for the maintenance of the Burial Ground. This will be subject to the formal agreement of the beneficiary, the Gospel Standard Aid and Poor Relief Society (Registered Charity No 209373).”

The full notice can be downloaded from here: Zion Chapel, Kiln Road. The Trustees will next meet on the 30th of September.

The Chapel has been sold for use by a local undertaker as a Chapel of Rest.




5 thoughts on “Zion Chapel, Kiln Road”

  1. As many of my forebears, including my parents and some who were important in the Baptist movement in Prestwood, have graves in this Burial Ground it seems a thoroughly sensible idea to me.

    1. I’m sure that the Solicitors acting for the Trustees would appreciate hearing from you direct George – you’ll see that there’s contact details within the article for Playfoots, Solicitors in Kent. No doubt you’ll be writing to them?

  2. I currently reside next door but one to the Burial Ground and also have family (Grandparents and Great Grandparents) buried there.

    I agree with George Tyler and think it is a very good idea.

  3. As a resident living nearby I agree that the prolonged maintenance of this particularly peaceful and pleasant site is a very good idea.

    Visiting the site is a pleasant experience on walks past and seeing it kept to a respectable standard will encourage a sense of community.

    If any volunteer work is needed in making the stone around the graves safe or more level then please contact me as I would be happy to help out purely on a volunteering basis.

    Could a solid bench or two be a good proposal for relatives or visitors for some reflective times when visiting.

    Also would having a short few words describing the current owners and past history of the site be present (by means of any panel (metal or stone etc..) to help visitors learn about it’s local history.

  4. The comments from James are appreciated. Would you please contact me direct at the email address on the Notice.

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