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As of November 2015 a new application has been submitted to Chiltern District Council’s planning department. 

This post carries the lastest news: BREAKING NEWS: 76 new homes

This page has been created to capture all of the relevant and helpful documents, contacts and sites in relation an outline planning application for 76 new homes which is being proposed for development on Green Belt land adjacent to Lodge Lane. It was originally created in July 2014.  We aim to keep this up to date as this proposal goes through the planning process.

In July 2014, an outline planning application was received by Chiltern District Council seeking permission to develop 76 dwellings and a local equipped play area (LEAP) on the land off Lodge Lane.  Access roads proposed were Dell Field and Widmere Field and the 76 homes consisted of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom houses and flats.  The application was submitted by William Steele of The Great Missenden Trust.  We were informed that this Trust and the planning application had no connection with the Great Missenden Trust recently set up by The Diocese of Oxford.

The planning application applied to the following area:-
Google map of proposed development location

To view the planning application and supporting documents, click on the following link:-
Planning portal at Chiltern District Council and enter CH/2014/1242/OA (the application reference) in the search box.

The Public Forum at the start of Great Missenden Parish Council’s Planning Committee on 4 August was well attended by Prestwood residents who were unanimous in their opposition.

The public consultation period for this planning application ended on 22 August.  A total of 102 letters of objection and 1 letter of support were received by the Council.  The public bodies consulted were generally not in favour of the development and the Case Officer Report by Ben Robinson recommended that permission should be refused.  The application was subsequently refused at Chiltern District Council’s Planning Committee on 9 October 2014.  Please click on the links to view the Agenda and Meeting Pack and Decision Notice.

In August 2014, Chiltern District Council also served a provisional Tree Preservation Order (No. 8 of 2014).on the site.  In simple terms, it prohibits anyone from cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, wilfully damaging or wilfully destroying any of the trees described in the Schedule and shown on the map without the Council’s consent.  The Council stated it had made the Order because this area of land appears to have been neglected for about fifty years and, as a result, has now developed into a young woodland consisting of mainly broadleaved species, particularly oak.  Some of the large trees close to the northern boundary are already protected by Tree Preservation Order No. 8 of 1996.  The woodland is visible from various surrounding public viewpoints and it makes a significant contribution to the character of the area.  It is also an important amenity woodland as it is well used by local residents.  In addition, it is valuable ecologically both in its own right and as a northern extension of the woodland of Lawrence Grove.  The woodland is now at risk in connection with the proposal for the development of the site for housing.  A total of 7 letters of support and 1 letter of objection were received by the Council.  The Order was subsequently confirmed at Chiltern District Council’s Planning Committee on 9 October 2014.

A steel gate and fence at the entrance to the footpath in Widmere Field was erected by the landowner on 14 October 2014.  76newhomes are awaiting confirmation from the Council as to whether planning permission is required.  On the same day, a notice also appeared with regard to seeking an order to delete the footpath from Buckinghamshire County Council maps.  The notice is dated 14/8/2014 and was issued by William Steele of Widmere Field, Prestwood.  It would apear that the notice has since been removed.

Current status

New application lodged in November 2015. Refer to this post: BREAKING NEWS: 76 new homes

The rest of this occurred earlier this year (2015).

It is anticipated that the applicant will appeal the decision to reject the application by Chiltern District Council’s Planning Committee on 9 October 2014.  If the Great Missenden Trust do appeal, it will need to be within 6 months (13 April 2015).

In the meantime, a resident is planning to apply for a Public Right of Way across the land off Lodge Lane.  It appears that she has a case as the land has been used by the public for an uninterrupted period of 20 years.  To support the application, she needs witnesses who can/are prepared to verify the above.  Please send an email to official.footpath@gmail.com to register your interest.

Action Group

If you are interested in becoming part of the action group and receiving up to date information, send an email to 76newhomes@prestwoodva.org.uk.

Useful information

1. The following link takes you to the Chiltern District Planning Portal. You will need to enter the planning reference CH/2014/1242/OA to locate the planning documents.

Chiltern District Council Planning Portal

2. We are unable to reproduce the map on of the proposed development on this website because of Crown Copyright reasons.  The area under consideration is shown here.  For exact details, please refer to the planning application in 1 above.

Google map of proposed development location

3. The following links are to documents and statements made by Chiltern District Council

Chiltern District Local Plan Written Statement (Adopted 1 September 1997)

Chiltern District Council Press Release re Forthcoming Green Belt Review (22 July 2014)

Planning Application Advice by Chiltern District Council

4. The following links are from The Campaign to Protect Rural England. These provide advice on how to protect the green belt, an article in the Daily Telegraph about Government reforms on the Green Belt, and some maps covering the area.

Planning Application Advice by Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

Sample Letter of Objection by Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

Telegraph Article on Government Reforms Effect on Green Belt (21 July 2013)

Map – Green Belt Around Prestwood

Map – Chilterns AONB

5. The following link details the Tree Preservation Order.

Tree Preservation Order No. 8 of 2014 – Land off Lodge Lane, Prestwood

6.  Background reading on Public Rights of Way

Ramblers – How to claim an unrecorded right of way

Highways Act 1980, Section 31

Parliament – Establishing a right of way

Useful contacts

Chiltern District Councillor – John Gladwin

Chiltern District Councillor – Andrew Garnett

Chiltern District Councillor – Mark Cunnane

Chiltern District Council Planning Committee

Great Missenden Parish Council

76newhomes Action Group

If you wish to join this group please send an email to the link below.

Email:  76newhomes@prestwoodva.org.uk

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