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Prestwood Village Hall
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A community is only as strong as the people within it.  There is much going on in the current political environment where decisions are being decentralised and passed to local government and the community.   In essence it is the “big community” that is being asked to make some of these decisions and whose opinions are being sought.

As with any changes in policy there are often cracks in the principles behind new ideas when they are rolled out.   In this case there may be a gap in making people aware of proposed changes.

Prestwood Village Association aims to bridge that gap and provide valuable pointers to various things that are going on that may affect the Prestwood community.

Equally if you simply don’t know where to look to find out about what may affect your community then we hope that this site and the work of PVA on your behalf will be informative in an apolitical way.

Angling Spring Wood with thanks to Mary Wiles
Angling Spring Wood with thanks to Mary Wiles

If you have ever had an opinion on something about Prestwood but did not feel empowered to voice it, then Prestwood Village Association is the type of forum where you can share your opinion and see those of others.  If these are strong enough then the Prestwood big community can influence decisions.  After all, with a population of nearly 8,000 people, Prestwood deserves to be heard within the Parish community of some 10,000.

Our refurbished Post Office and Village Store
Our refurbished Post Office and Village Store

Prestwood Village Association aims to:

  • Generate interest and increase awareness in our community
  • Develop communication opportunities for residents and businesses in the village
  • Sustain and improve the amenities and environment of Prestwood
  • Support local community activitiesBy:
  • Creating a comprehensive website to inform you on current issues and future opportunities so that you can have your say and be involved as and when you wish, from the comfort of your home
  • Updating you as matters arise that may affect you or Prestwood
  • Providing links to local groups, schools, societies and government via the PVA website

    Forget-Me-Not Club on a day's outing
    Forget-Me-Not Club on a day’s outing

Run by Prestwood people for Prestwood people

Prestwood Village Association is politically non-aligned and welcomes everyone:

  • Over the age of 16 years, living or working in Prestwood to join
  • Being a Subscriber is free of charge .

Opening Meeting Information

Prestwood Village Association is operated mostly via the internet to keep costs low.  An inaugural  meeting was held on Sunday 21 April  2013 in the Village Hall.  There were 85 residents in attendance who approved the constitution and  elected the officers and 12 committee members.

Marketing Prestwood Village Association

A4 poster latest 220714 From time to time Prestwood Village Association produces leaflets and posters to encourage people to join in.  We need your help here.  If you can, print and circulate the material to your friends.  Please pass the word around.  If you know someone in Prestwood who is without an internet connection, see if they can be put in touch with a neighbour or relative who can keep them updated.

Marketing materials produced by  PVA so far:

A Leaflet which was letter-boxed to 2650 households (February 2013)
An Article in The Source Issue No 28 page 3 (March 2013)
A Poster announcing the Inaugural Meeting on 21 April 2013
“Your Village Needs You ” Flyer Side 1  and Side 2  letter-boxed to 2650 households  (August 2013)     “For people who lead busy lives”  (2015) see above.

Register your interest

Subscribe to our monthly emailed newsletter.  We will also send occasional emailed alerts too about hot topics and other information relating to Prestwood.  You can do that here:  Sign up for the PVA Newsletter.

If you do not have regular access to a computer or the internet you can register your interest by post to:

PVA, c/o Pond Cottage, Honor End Lane, Prestwood, HP16 9HQ

Please note that this website is under regular review and changes may be made on a weekly or more frequent basis.

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