PVA Newsletters

Prestwood Village Association sends out Newsletters to subscribers to the website on a monthly basis. The newsletters comprise news items that have been created through the last month, or any items that have been updated, for example projects in progress with local government tend to move at a snails pace, so if there is anything that is new on an existing topic we will resend it out.


The only other time we will send messages from the site is where something has happened at fairly short notice. If it is a public consultation (yes there is typically less than a month notice on many of these) we will let you know. However you ultimately decide whether you wish to participate or not. Our goal is to let you know. If there is sufficient interest from the community we will propose an interest group for those that wish to be more active.

How to subscribe

You can subscribe by filling in the form below. All we need is your name, email address and your postcode. We do not use this information for any other purpose and will not share it with any 3rd parties.

Subscribe to our newsletter and join our 936 subscribers. We do not share information with third parties and we will not fill your inbox. Newsletters are sent out once per month.

We ask for a postcode so that if we need to contact those people around a particular location that may be affected by something we can alert you to it. Without that information we would not be able to do that.

How to complete subscription

Please note that to complete the subscription process the website will send you an email which you need to acknowledge. Once you have acknowledged the subscription you are added to the list. It works this way so you cannot be signed up without your knowledge.

How to unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe at any time and will be removed from the list if you take that action. Every communication from this site carries the unsubscribe link.

We also have a Facebook page now and a Twitter account which are other methods for pushing news to you if you have an account on Facebook or Twitter you can sign up to the respective groups.