Request a calendar entry

If you are holding an event in Prestwood then you can advertise it in our calendar.  Fill in the form below with the relevant details.  We will generally add the entry within four working days, or get back to you.

It is in your interests to provide us with as much information as possible.  If you tell us precisely where the event is to be held then we can use Google Maps to indicate the location.  Also include who to contact, either a phone number or an email address.  If you have a downloadable poster or some other promotional materials send us this too.

Timely Entry

We recommend contacting us at least 6 weeks before the event.

Terms and Conditions for entry

You must be the promoter of the event and associated with it, not a third party.  The event needs to be held in Prestwood, or in some exceptional circumstances in one of the adjoining villages.

Prestwood Village Association reserves the right to determine if an event is eligible for publication or not.  This website is run by volunteers and is entirely “not for profit”.  There is also the possibility that nobody has been available to publish the event within 4 days.

Follow the link below to a form containing fields for all of the information in the calendar.  Upload photographs, enter a description for the event using as much text as you wish and where and when it will be held.

The more you enter, the more useful it will be to other people.   At the bottom of the form is a reCaptcha box.  Copy the text in the window into the box before you press submit.  If you cannot see what the text is in the image, refresh the image (not the page).

All entries are moderated by PVA volunteers before they are accepted and published in the calendar.  We reserve the right not to publish a submission if there is any doubt about its authenticity, or relevance to the village of Prestwood.


We will not accept events that do not have a traceable owner so please ensure you enter your name and details.

The website remembers you and venues

If you regularly add things to the calendar then you do not need to re-enter your details.   Just select it from the dropdown list.  Likewise for venues, eg Village Hall.

Adding in the cost of the event

The form on the next page has an entry for the cost of the event.  If there are any rules about your event such as members are free, and non members pay £1, leave the cost entry empty.

Explain the rules in the description part of the entry if they need any explanation.  Always remember to keep it simple.

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