PVA Constitution-2017 Final

Prestwood Village Association Constitution

The name of the Association shall be “Prestwood Village Association”.
The Objects of the Association are to:
• Generate interest and increase awareness in our community
• Develop communication opportunities for residents and businesses in the village
• Be a means for residents to gain, find and pass on information should they so choose
• Support local community activities
The Association shall be non-political and an unincorporated voluntary organisation.
Everyone over aged 16 years living or working in Prestwood shall be eligible to become subscribers.
By signing up via the PVA website to receive the emailed monthly newsletter, or by returning a completed subscription form, a sub-
scriber to PVA shall imply acceptance of this constitution and any amendments that may be passed at General Meetings.
Subscription to the Association shall imply acceptance of this constitution and any amendments that may be passed at General Meetings.
Records of subscribers held electronically for the purposes of operating and administering the Association shall not be used for any other purpose.
Subscription shall be free.
The Annual General Meeting shall be held annually in April.  Notice thereof shall be given not later than four weeks previously, by email.
All subscribers to the Association may submit motions for discussion at the AGM. Such motions, including proposals for amendments to this constitution, must be received by Secretary not later than one week prior to the meeting.
All subscribers have the right to propose themselves or another
subscriber to hold office within the Association.  Proposals for the appointment of Officers and Committee Members shall be received by the Secretary not later than one week before the meeting. Each nomination form shall be signed by a proposer and seconder and should indicate the consent of the nominee to nomination.
A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee or by a requisition signed by not less than 10 subscribers delivered to the Secretary, who in turn will call such a meeting within four weeks from the date of receipt. The notice of meeting shall detail the motion and be issued by email.  Only the business stated in the requisition may be debated in the Special General Meeting.
A quorum for an Annual or Special General Meeting shall be 10
subscribers.  If a quorum is not reached, the meeting shall be reconvened and all subscribers informed of the new date and venue. The quorum at a reconvened General Meeting shall be those present.  At all General Meetings each subscriber shall have one vote. Voting shall be by show of hands except where a ballot is demanded by a simple majority.
The Committee shall be composed of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (the Officers) and up to 12 other Members, elected at the Annual General Meeting. No Member may fill any one Official position for more than three successive years and may not revert to a previously held Official position until a period of not  less than two years has passed.
The management of the Association shall be vested in the Committee.  The Committee shall have discretionary power if a quorum of at least 4 Committee Members including at least one Officer is present:
• To act on all matters brought before the Committee by simple majority voting, with the Chairman having a casting vote if necessary.
• To perform such acts as may be deemed necessary or expedient to further the objects of the Association.
• To meet as necessary to carry out these objects of the Association, but not less than four times a year.
• To fill from subscribers, vacancies occurring on the Committee or among the Officers only until the next AGM.
•  To deem to have resigned any Officer or Committee Member who is absent from three consecutive Committee meetings without good cause
• To deem to have resigned any Officer or Committee Member who holds any elective position in local government (Parish, District or County levels) or who is elected to Parliament.
• To establish sub-committees for the purpose of undertaking specific tasks.
• To decide on matters not covered by the constitution.
• To approve expenditure and expenses incurred in execution of the objects of the Association.
The Chairman shall:
• Ensure the Association is properly conducted according to the constitution
• Chair or delegate the conduct of meetings
The Secretary shall:
• Give due notice of dates and times of all meetings
• Keep minutes of the meetings and records of attendance
• Keep records of correspondence received and sent
• Make available the constitution and any amendments agreed to it
The Treasurer shall:
• Account for and deposit with the Association’s bank accoun
t(s) all monies received.
• Sign cheques drawn on the account(s) for approved expenditure along with the Chairman or Secretary.
• Keep proper accounts at all times
• Arrange for the accounts to be audited by a person acceptable to the Committee as at 31 March of each year and audited in time for presentation for approval to the Annual General Meeting following the end of the financial year.
Sub-committees shall:
•Comprise at least two Committee Members
• Include ex-officio the Chairman and Secretary
• Nominate such other co-opted subscribers as desired
• Report to the main Committee all business proposed to fulfil their specified tasks.
A Special General Meeting called for that purpose may dissolve the Association. Audited accounts shall be presented. Any net liabilities shall be contributed in equal shares by the existing subscribers.
Any net assets shall be transferred to the Prestwood Village Hall or such other local association or charity as the Committee may nominate.
Note: Annual Timetable running up to the Annual General Meeting
• 4 weeks before: Notice issued for AGM. Last chance to become a voting member.
• “In time” before AGM: Accounts audited. See comment above
• 1 week before: Motions and nominations to be received
• AGM: Date in April
  • Approval of minutes of previous AGM
  • Presentation of Chairman’s and Treasurer’s reports
  • Adoption of reports and accounts
  • Presentation of Secretary’s report on eligibility and nominations; election of officers, election of committee, consideration of any other motions received.
Updated and agreed at AGM on 25 April 2017.










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