Planning applications in Prestwood

Prestwood Village Association is piloting a new page to show the approximate locations of planning applications in Prestwood and Heath End Ward as shown on the Chiltern District Council (CDC) website.

Why is PVA doing this?

The current official planning regulations notify residents within 25 metres of a proposed development.  So if you live further away you might not be aware of the application unless you see a notice pinned nearby, which does not always happen.

When an application is made,  it goes through a validation process to ensure all required information has been submitted and is complete and accurate.    Our overview shows you where planning applications have been validated recently and provides you with a planning reference number and some details.   A pin is placed in the map using the postal code, and is approximate for guidance only. The pins represent a post code, not an address.

How do you find more about an application?

You need the individual planning reference number and access to the Chiltern District Council website.  We provide you with both.

Use the interactive map below. You can zoom into the map and expand it to a full page by clicking on the four corners symbol in the top right of the map frame. The planning reference number is shown by clicking on the pins in the map when a panel will slide out over the map.  Copy or make a note of the planning reference number and then go to the CDC Planning search page which is located here.  Planning Simple Search .  Paste the planning reference into the search box on the CDC page and this will take you to the details.

How do you comment on something?

CDC have a formal process for commenting on any planning application.  If you want to comment, please do so through the planning process which is administered by Chiltern District Council at CDC Planning Comments .  Or you can write or email Great Missenden Parish Council, via the clerk at and then attend the appropriate planning meeting if relevant.

Please note Prestwood Village Association is NOT collecting comments on these planning proposals but is providing information to make it easier for you to see what is happening in Prestwood. There may be accidental omissions in the information as it is wholly dependent on volunteers being available to add this into the site.  If planning is something that is important to you, you should always go to the CDC planning page and not be dependent on what we add here.

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