Although the route of HS2 passes some 2 miles distant from most of Prestwood many people do not consider the project to be the best use of public money.  Bucks CC maintains its principled opposition to the project   Furthermore HS2 Action Alliance continues to fight in the courts on behalf of the project’s opponents.

Please see the  latest update from HS2 Action Alliance*, and the  Bucks Mitigation Plan,seeking the best if it comes to the worst

To see what else has been said about HS2 on this website, please enter “HS2” in the Searchbox or click on the link below.

*Please note that we have been advised on 29/06/16 that the HS2 Action Alliance website is being reported as a security risk by Google, so we have disabled the link to the site. Google is reporting malware present. It is likely that this situation will be resolved if you really want to visit the HS2 Action Alliance website please follow the link at the end of this paragraph but do so at your own risk. (If the situation changes we will come back an remove this warning) website: http://www.hs2aa.org/

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