Welcome to Prestwood Village Association

Welcome to Prestwood Village Association

Welcome to Prestwood Village Association

If you have not been here before, or need some tips on how to use this website please follow this link: How to use this website the page describes the new features we have added to the site and how they work. You will need to click on an image or button to proceed to an area of interest on the website from one of the items below. For a quick introduction for this page please follow this link: Help Me.

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Newly launched in November 2018

Visit our new B2B Business Directory which is located in a new website. If you are a resident of Prestwood, or your business is based in Prestwood you can add your organisation to our new directory for free. Click on the button below to visit the site. 

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You can search this website for information by entering a search term in the box (for example HS2) and pressing the enter key on your keyboard. A list will be returned with links to articles and pages with the most recent at the top.

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This is the home page for this site. We have deliberately avoided using a lot of text here to make it pictorial, or in the case where there are buttons; self explanatory. The top six images will take you to the top level launch pages in these sections. From there you can make a further choice about where you wish to go.

Below that are direct links to pages that we think may be of interest based on how many people visit them. It is like a site index laid out on the page. Most areas of this site can be accessed directly from the home page if you know what you are looking for.

If you are a mobile user on a smart phone some of the buttons will be missing to simplify the layout for phone screens. If you cannot see the menu, look for a hamburger icon in the top right of the page. It will have “Menu” written beside it. Click on this to expose the full menu for the site.