Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs

Speeding is a constant issue on some of the roads around Prestwood, it is fortunate that there have not been any serious injuries

Accident on Honor End Lane 18-01-2014
Accident on Honor End Lane 18-01-2014 around 10:30am. It was indeed fortunate that nobody was on the pavement at the time.

Ellesborough MVAS

In 2008, Prestwood residents first put speeding at the top of their list of priorities for the attention of Thames Valley Police. Community Speedwatch was established and equipped to assist TVP with the enforcement of speed limits throughout the Parish of Great Missenden.  In 2013 2 moveable vehicle activated signs (MVAS) and 10 associated mounting sites were purchased for the Parish. The signs are moved between the sites by volunteers to reinforce the speed limits and remind drivers to keep an eye on their speed. The data gathered by MVAS  is used to inform Community Speedwatch and TVP campaigns – if you wish to help with either of these initiatives please Contact Us .

For background information about MVAS in Prestwood please use the search facility on this website by entering the  key word MVAS.

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2 thoughts on “Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs”

  1. All those who support the installation of the MVAS in Nairdwood Lane are urged to attend the public forum at the commencement of the Parish Council Meeting at 7:30pm on Monday 14 July at the Great Missenden Memorial Hall where the MVAS for Nairdwood Lane may be permanently cancelled due to one residents’ objection to the siting

  2. Good news. The MVAS is now installed in Nairwood Lane. Although the lane may appear very rural there are long sections without pavements (often frequented by schoolchildren) and with many concealed driveways. The residents urge all drivers to be vigilant and obey the 30mph limit as there have been incidents where people have been injured by passing vehicles.

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