How to use this site

The Prestwood Village Association website is maintained by a voluntary group.  We place information on the site that we think may be of interest to the community.

The website is based on a content management system and as such it can be retrieved and searched in a number of different ways. This short article describes some of the methods available to you to search for and locate information, and how you can share it through social media.

First Stop the MENU

How your device displays the website may be different to how it is described here depending on what screen you are using.  If you are using a smart phone, the menu will appear as a black icon with three white horizontal lines going through it.  Tap on this to expand the menu.

For most computer users the menu will be fairly conventional.  When you scroll down a page, the menu remains at the top of your browser window.

Without going through the whole menu, the main notable items on the menu are:

  • News which is where you can locate all of the news items we carry,
  • Hot Topics which is where we will keep information together that relates to the various topics.
  • Quick Links is where you can find important local numbers such as a surgery or dentist, or utility companies.
  • The community directory is where you can locate various groups that run activities in the village.  It holds a brief description and contact details.

Most of the content for the site is held in these areas.

About Sidebars

There are either one (on the left) or two sidebars used on this site. One has a deep red background, the other is white. Some pages have only one, some pages have both.  If you are using a mobile or portable device, you may not be able to see the sidebar(s).  If you scroll down to a location below the website, this is where you will find them.

Left Sidebar

The following can be found in the left sidebar.

Search this site

Simply type some search criteria in this box to search the website. What will be returned is a list of entries in summary form that may be of interest with the most recent being at the top and the oldest at the bottom.

Recent Comments

This list is moderated.  When someone adds a comment to an article, it is also placed here so you can find out what people are talking about.

Archived News

There is currently 2.5 years of news and over 500 articles.  You can go back to a month and see what was going on at the time.  However do note that we will from time to time thin this out.   We do not want the site to get too large.

Right Sidebar

The sidebar on the right may be beneath the main part of the website if you are looking at a mobile or portable device screen.  It is white, with blue lettering on it.

PVA Newsletter

This contains a link to a subscribe page for the Prestwood Village Association newsletter. We send out newsletters each month, and where something occurs at short notice which we consider to be important we will send out an alert message to subscribers.  Note you have to proactively subscribe to this system.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Recent News

Lists the most recent news articles and is automatically populated.  Click on a link to go to the item.


Contains links to what we consider to be the most important areas of the website.

Seach News Items

Every time we place something on the news page it is categorised – sometimes in one category, sometimes in more than one.  The list of items under “Search News Items” lists all of the categories in use on the site.  The size of the text indicates how many articles there are. For large text there are many, for small text there are not very many.

Place your cursor over one of the words or phrases and you can see how many articles there are. Click on it and they are listed in date order with the most recent at the top.

Social Media

Prestwood Village Association has accounts on Twitter and Facebook.  If you are members of Facebook or Twitter you can follow us.  If you are signed in to Twitter or Facebook you can click on the icons on the bottom of each page or news item and share that item by adding it to your facebook wall or twitter feed.

There is also a mail icon.  If you click on this you email the link of the item you are reading to a colleague.

You can see the social media icon set below at the bottom of this page.

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