Chiltern Countryside Group (CCG)

The Chiltern Countryside Group supporters are people who value the special character of the Chilterns and its Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We seek for this to be preserved and protected for the benefit of all.

The CCG Steering Group comprises aviation, transport & noise consultants, commercial pilots & professionals in finance, technology, media, healthcare & education.

We believe that the Chilterns AONB, readily accessible from many conurbations and our capital, will become an increasingly important sanctuary of calm and quiet in today’s hectic society.

Our aims are:

To inform and vigorously oppose the proposed HS2 rail track through the Chilterns.
To promote public awareness of the HS2 proposals and help you find out how they may affect you.
To explain how you can make your voice heard.

To continue to stimulate dialogue and constructive criticism of the proposals for HS2

To use expertise within the CCG to continue dialogue with HS2 and NATS on alternative proposals which offer a better balance overall.

To continue to develop networks across the Chilterns to disseminate information, knowledge, skill & provide support and encouragement among like-minded individuals and groups.
To positively channel our combined energies, time and resources to collectively make a more powerful voice in the national arena.
To lobby and work with our Councillors and Members of Parliament to find positive solutions for challenges to the peace of the Chilterns.

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