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Thames Valley Police supports ‘R U Wise 2 it?’ campaign

Supt Yvette Hitch, local police commander for Chiltern and South Bucks, will be among several guest speakers at Chesham Grammar School, between 7pm and 9pm, on Monday 14 September.   The meeting is one of a series being held as part of Buckinghamshire’s Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) awareness campaign ‘R U Wise 2 it?’ on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

CSE is a form of sexual abuse that involves the manipulation and/or coercion of young people under the age of 18 into sexual activity in exchange for things such as money, affection or gifts.  It can be extremely difficult to recognise, as many of the warning signs are symptomatic of challenges that all parents face with young teenagers as they are growing up and becoming more independent.

The evening will be led by the Safeguarding Children Board’s partner agencies, Buckinghamshire County Council, Barnardo’s and Thames Valley Police. Continue reading Thames Valley Police supports ‘R U Wise 2 it?’ campaign



Child Sexual Exploitation – R U Wise 2 it?

A series of awareness raising events are being held during September to inform and help people spot the signs of child sexual exploitation. The evening events are open to anyone in the community – parents, carers, community leaders, club leaders, teaching staff – so please share this information with colleagues and friends.


7- 9 PM at these local venues:  Monday 14 September –  Chesham Grammar School; Thursday 24 September – The Grange School, Aylesbury;  Wednesday 30 September –   Cressex School, High Wycombe

To book your place email

The Facebook pages below give more information, please share these as widely as possible.  Chesham Aylesbury High Wycombe

Martha Edwards,  Community Safety Co-ordinator,  BCC Safer Communities Team



Nanfans Ballet School

Diane Hiscock reports that there’s been a wonderful response to the opening of Nanfans Ballet school and the classes are filling up. Term starts this week and there are still spaces in the following adult classes:
Ballet stretch and fitness at 9.15am on Tuesdays – this is not a ballet class but a conditioning class to improve posture, flexibilty and fitness.
Silver Swans ballet at 2pm on Wednesdays –  a gentle ballet class for the over 55’s.
No ballet experience needed for either classes, email for more details or call 07736 104989 or come along and try the class the first week.


Latest on Dementia Friendly Communities

Over the last few months PVA’s brought you news of the developing Dementia Friendly Community within our Parish and, following the last meeting, Great Missenden Local Dementia Alliance minutes – 23.7.15, a more definite framework has been put in place.

Useful information can be found at:

Behind Closed Doors – Dementia-Friendly Communities


Dementia-Friendly Toolkit

Healthy Minds CBT for carers with dementia


Members of our local Dementia Alliance – Alliance Members.

The next meeting of the Alliance will be 24th September – Agenda 24.9.15 (1) If you are unable to make the full two hours, please still come along for as long as you can as it would be great to see you.  Please confirm attendance by replying to this e-mail or calling 01296 387821.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Gemma Workman, Dementia-Friendly Community Manager and Alliance Chair, Buckinghamshire County Council



Litter pick weekend – 26 & 27 September

Wombling message from Jeanette:

“Do you hate the sight of litter in our village?  Every few months I have been organising litter pick weekends – you may have seen my posters around the village or read about the ‘Wombling Weekends’ on this website.  I’m hoping to encourage more volunteers, especially our younger generation, to join the next session.

“Tools, refuse sacks and hi-viz tops are provided and these can be collected from 18 Orchard Lane between 10am and 2pm on Sat/Sun 26 & 27 September.  All I’m asking is for you, your friends and family, to join in at any time during the weekend and collect a sack or two of litter – the choice of location is yours.  Full sacks are then deposited in the Scout Hut Car Park, off Nairdwood Lane, for collection by Chiltern District Council.

“My theory is that less rubbish seen on the ground will make those people who discard litter think twice about fouling our lovely village.  My contact details are 866460, email: or speak to me the next time you see me ‘wombling’ in our village.  Thank you – Jeanette”.



Group of the Month: Prestwood Community First Responders

The Prestwood Community First Responders (CFRs) are volunteers, trained by the ambulance service to respond to medical emergencies before an ambulance gets to the scene. CFRs might typically respond to reports of cardiac arrest, strokes, choking, unconscious patients and diabetic emergencies. You may well have seen the responders out and about in their new Fiat Panda which was funded by organisations and individuals from Prestwood and surrounding villages. In fact, many of you will have been part of that amazing fundraising effort.

First Responders 1The Prestwood Team (from left to right):-
Bob Davy, Anne Banks (supporter) and Gary Hammond

To become a First Responder you don’t need any previous medical experience. The ambulance service provide training in the form of an intensive two day introductory course followed by a shift with an ambulance crew then another shift with a paramedic in a Rapid Response Vehicle. Six monthly re-qualification is required. There are also evening update sessions throughout the year to keep everyone up to date. Once qualified, a responder will be given a pager, mobile phone and an equipment kit which includes oxygen, defibrillator and trauma dressings. If they are the only responder in a particular area then they keep this equipment all the time and book on duty when they can, depending on work or family commitments.
Continue reading Group of the Month: Prestwood Community First Responders



Looking after someone with dementia?

Age UK Buckinghamshire Logo RGB copyAge UK Bucks can provide a listening ear, enabling carers to talk about their concerns and feelings in an impartial and non-judgemental environment.  It offers support, advice and information to suit your needs.  If you think you, or someone you know, would benefit from this service please contact Yolande Smith 01296 431911.  email:  See website for more information on services offered –



Last weekend’s Wombling efforts

A thank-you from Jeanette to those who braved the weather over the weekend:

“Twelve volunteers (including myself) managed to collect another substantial heap of litter and ‘fly-tipped’ junk from the village highways and byways over the weekend.  Thank you very much for giving up your precious time and braving the rain on Sunday.

“Prestwood is looking much better since the ‘Wombling Weekends’ began – I am convinced that the absence of litter on the streets deters people from adding to it, and I know that some residents, like me, have now got the Wombling bug and can’t walk past litter without picking it up. How wonderful it would be if everyone in the village adopted this attitude to litter!

“I look forward to the day that I go out for a regular Womble and find nothing to pick up.  Thank you again for your support.  Jeanette”

May Litter Pick 002




Press Release from Chiltern District Council – Bonfires can leave neighbours fuming – so think before you burn

CDC LogoThe gardening season is well underway and with it comes a lot of garden waste to dispose of.   The temptation to have a bonfire is powerful – but this is not the best way to get rid of  garden waste and can all too easily annoy neighbours, who often don’t appreciate the smell or smoke.
So, before lighting a bonfire, consider other ways of getting rid of those hedge clippings and other garden debris:

  • Can it be composted? See for more information
  • If you have a green bin, will it go in there? If not, you can take it to any local household waste recycling centre where it will be composted. In Chiltern, these are at
    • Amersham, London Road East, HP7 9DT
    • Chesham, Latimer Road, HP5 1TL

However, if a bonfire is the only option, we ask residents to follow these simple guidelines: Continue reading Bonfires



Please “Bag It and Bin It”

Message from Mandy:

Thought you would like to see this email that we have sent to

“The public footpath between Nairdwood Lane (almost opposite Church Path) and Atkins Wood suffers badly from dog poo that has not been picked up by dog owners. 14 instances were noted recently and decrepitating bags of poo have been left at the entrance to Atkins Wood (where there is a notice warning of the fine for such behaviour). It would be a good idea to have a notice about the penalty at the start of the path at Nairdwood Lane and a bin for dog poo bags which could be fixed to the pole of the footpath sign. Please could you arrange this?”

A lot of people, including children walking to school, use the path and it is not only unpleasant but is a serious danger to health. We have made a laminated sign and attached it to the gate at the beginning of the footpath in Nairdwood Lane. Let’s hope we get a result from the Council. – I’ll let you know.”

PVA regularly highlights that not picking up dog poo is punishable with a large fine, even if people think that they are in the country and it doesn’t matter.   See Dog Fouling and Bag It And Bin It!



Dementia-Friends information sessions

A message from Gemma Workman, Dementia-Friendly Community Manager, Bucks County Council, Walton Street, Aylesbury, HP20 1UA

Update: 01 05 15  –  Dementia-Friendly Communities has now launched in Great Missenden.   Please come along to the next local Dementia Alliance meeting on Thursday 28th May to find out more and support us as we set the priorities for your area.   The meeting agenda with venue details is Agenda 28.5.15 (1).  Please confirm attendance by emailing or calling 01296 387821.


Please see Dementia Friends request form for the Dementia-Friends information sessions delivered by a volunteer champion. These sessions are free of charge, last approx. 45-60mins and can be tailored slightly to suit the audience.

The launch event will take place on Tuesday 28th April at Damien Hall, High Street, Great Missenden from 10am-4pm and is open to everyone.  This is an opportunity for organisations/services to explain to local residents what they are or will be pledging to do to support the Dementia-Friendly Communities’ initiative and to provide relevant information about their own service/organisation.

For further information, please contact Gemma Workman on  Mob: 07827955872  Tel: 01296 387821   Website:   E-mail:



Abbey Gym Club plans

A message from the Trustees of Abbey Gym Club (Reg. Charity No.1156313)

“We are pleased to announce that we will very soon submit our plans to build a new gymnastics centre at the Sprinters site on Honor End Lane to Chiltern District Council for their review and (we hope!) approval.

“Abbey Gym Club is a community sports club that has operated in the Prestwood / Great Missenden area for around 30 years and became a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in 2014.

“Throughout our Club’s history, we have operated out of village halls and school halls.  Our current home is Prestwood Junior School, Clare Road, where we have been (and continue to be) very welcome for over 20 years.  However, operating out of the school hall gives us three major problems:   Continue reading Abbey Gym Club plans



Prestwood Area Community First Responders


to all who contributed to Prestwood Area Community First Responders new vehicle

Sainsburys, Great Missenden Parish Council, The Source, Afternoon Women’s Institute Prestwood, Lacey Green Parish Council, Great & Little Hampden Parish Council, Speen Shop Charities Fund, Prestwood Open Doors, Kings Church Prestwood, The Gathering Singers, Bucks County Council, Prestwood Methodist Church Ladies Monday Group, Sweet Charity, Prestwood Area Community Transport.

Also a host of other individuals and families from Prestwood and surrounding villages who have contributed in their own way.


See CFR Car Supporters PVA poster

So after less than a year’s fundraising our new Fiat Panda Cross 4X4 is here! Continue reading Prestwood Area Community First Responders



Two public access AEDs in Prestwood

Thanks to Wendy Davis and the Village Hall Committee (with funding from Sweet Charity), there are now two defibrillators available 24/7 in the village. One on the wall of the old house in Wren Davis yard, Wycombe Road, the other sited at the village hall.

UntitledThese machines can re-start a heart that has stopped beating and, along with prompt CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), can be instrumental in saving a life. Once switched on, a voice prompt will take you through the operation of the machine in easy steps. It is programmed to recognise different heart rhythms and will only give a shock if appropriate, so it is impossible to harm the patient.

To access the AED simply ring the ambulance service on 999 quoting the location code on the front of the cabinet. They will give you the code for the press-button lock and will stay on the line to help you with added instructions if required.

Anyone can use one of these AEDs, but if you would like to be trained in their use then Chris Davy, local first-aid trainer can help. Her email is tel. 01494 865682.



Legal highs – in Prestwood

Parents need to be vigilant …..

Thames Valley Police have become aware that DNP (dinitrophenol), a “legal high”, may be being used in the Prestwood area. Although not illegal, DNP has been linked to the deaths of four people in the UK in recent years, including one case in High Wycombe in 2012; the Missendens neighbourhood policing team would like to bring this information to your attention.

People who use “legal highs” face serious dangers by taking these substances, which are manufactured as chemical substitutes for illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy.

These dangers include breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, paranoia, psychosis, hallucinations, coma, seizures and in some cases death.   Continue reading Legal highs – in Prestwood



30mph wheelie bin stickers

If you haven’t yet signed up to subscribe to the PVA emailed monthly newsletter, then how about doing so?

speed poster revision 1If you live in the following roads, you can then claim your free 30mph wheelie bin stickers to increase the message that you care about the speed of passing vehicles and this will, hopefully, act as a timely reminder.

30mph stickers, originally kindly funded by Sweet Charity, are available to residents of Clare Road, Clarendon Road, Green Lane, High Street, Honor End Lane (in 30mph limit), Honor Road, Hotley Bottom Lane, Kiln Road, Lodge Lane, Moat Lane, Nairdwood Lane, Perks Lane and Wycombe Road (in 30mph limit),

Interested?  Then sign up to subscribe to our PVA newsletter now – facility in the righthand side bar at the bottom of this page – and contact us letting us know where to deliver the 30mph stickers.



76 New Homes off Lodge Lane

New Outline Planning Application

In the list of Chiltern District Council’s Planning Applications for the week ending 24th July, there’s an outline planning application for development of the site to provide 76 dwellings on land off Lodge Lane with access via Dell and Widmere Fields.  Application No. CH/2014/1242/OA submitted by The Great Missenden Trust. Follow this link to see where the proposed development will be located. [an interactive Google Map with a satellite view of Prestwood with the approximate area marked.] Continue reading 76 New Homes off Lodge Lane



PVA’s First year bash


Over 130 people crammed into Prestwood Village Hall to celebrate our first anniversary and AGM last Tuesday.  Villagers, local councillors, businesses and groups all joined in and we hope that all of you enjoyed the evening?

With the AGM over, John Cadman, the Chair, asked everyone to spread the word with the aim of doubling the membership over the next year –  from the current 630 emailed-newsletter subscribers, to 1500 would be great. He also thanked everyone who’d served on the Committee over the past year and welcomed our new committee member, Maggie Coles.  She lived in Prestwood as a child and has now returned to live here once again.

Following praise from all on the creation of this website, Mark Wingrove highlighted how you can now have a say by leaving a comment and expressing your opinion on any of the news items which are posted here almost daily, keeping the website fresh and (hopefully?) interesting, in order to build-up a village dialogue on topics of interest and concern. Continue reading PVA’s First year bash