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PVA Online survey – please read.

Important. It is time for PVA to change.  Or is it?

This part is really important to us.  With your support over the past 4 years we have gone from nothing, to 900+ subscribers, and have a very effective website run by volunteers. We could do more, much more, but here we need your advice, help and participation – today please.

To help make this very easy and quick for you we have an online form.  Please complete it now to enable us to help you.  Comments are particularly welcome.

PVA Feedback online

Thank you very much in advance.

Prestwood Village Association Committee



A big THANK YOU from PVA


We held our 4th Annual General Meeting at the village hall last night (25th April 2017). Many thanks to our supporters and subscribers for such a great turn out.

You can view the slides that were presented by clicking on the links further down this page.

Do you want PVA to become a Pressure Group?

This part is really important. The main theme at the AGM was about how PVA evolves. With your support over the past 4 years we have gone from nothing, to 900+ subscribers, and have a very effective website run by volunteers. We could do more, much more, but here we need your advice, help and participation – today please.

To help make this very easy and quick for you we have an online form.

PVA Feedback online

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Invitation to all PVA subscribers

Please support our Fourth Anniversary Celebration and AGM…Prestwood Village Hall on Tuesday 25 April

PVA AGM Programme 250417

7.00pm  Doors open – an opportunity to visit displays

7.30pm  Annual General Meeting  – Notice of meeting AGM Calling notice 250417 including PVA AGM Minutes 2016 v.2  and proposed amendments to the Constitution PVA Constitution-2017 Final [Please read and print these off and bring with you].

We have a few vacancies for PVA committee members so if you’d like to contribute then please apply –  here’s the form AGM-Nomination-Form-Election-Committee-Members-2017 which needs to be back with PVA by 17 April.   For further information see here.
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Will you help us take the PVA forward?

Will you help us take the PVA forward?

Prestwood’s a great place to live and our job is to make it even better and more inclusive by informing everyone what’s going on. If you’d like to help us, how about giving us a little of your time by joining our team?

We currently have a couple of vacancies and lots of opportunities to get involved with activities such as marketing, social media, specific projects and help with website content such as spotlighting Prestwood groups, promoting the business directory, routes for local walks, links with local farmers – all development ideas welcome.

You don’t need lots of experience. We need people who are keen to help and want to share ideas. We’re a mix of working and retired people and understand that commitment depends on how much each of us is able to give at any one time. If you’d like to see what we’re about, feel free to attend our AGM/social evening – this year on Tuesday 25th April in the Village Hall from 7pm.

For more info, please contact us first via .

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes from PVA – Mark, John, Katy, Sue, Karine, Colin, Ian, Caroline, Simon & Barbara




Loss of Service

We apologise for the temporary loss of service on the evening of the 31st of October. The website had exceeded it’s bandwidth limit which shows how popular it is. We are now serving over 35GB of data each month. Over the past 31 days we have had over 2,300 visitors  viewing nearly 5000 pages.



Can you help us reach further?


Our subscriber database for the PVA newsletter has been hovering just under 900 for some time now. There are around 2600 homes in Prestwood. We know that some people are still not aware of this website even though we have tried hard to reach people.

Can you help?

Click on the button below* to send a  link to a friend and invite them to sign up so we can reach more people in Prestwood?

We use the database for two things; one is to send out a round up of the news to you each month which contains a wide range of subjects from planning to local events. So you always know what is going on in Prestwood. We also alert you from time to time if there is some form of public participation being sought by local government and other groups that may not have been widely advertised.

Let’s try to get to 1000 before the end of 2017!


You can sign up to our newsletter using the form below, it is very easy to do, and you can unsubscribe at any time if it does not work for you.

Subscribe to our newsletter and join our 923 subscribers. We do not share information with third parties and we will not fill your inbox. Newsletters are sent out once per month.

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is it safe?

*Clicking on the button will launch your email application depending if you have one installed. If you don’t nothing will happen, but thanks for trying. If you do have an email application all you need to do is fill in your friend’s email address and send the email. It is that simple. All we have done is built an email for you.  We do not store any of this information on the website. We only record what people place in the form above, and then only when they acknowledge an email we send to them to ensure they know they have subscribed.  




About our newsletter

We have been monitoring the number of people that have been reading our newsletter and noted through July and August the numbers were a lot lower; near 20%.  Normally we reach around 70% of our subscribers in any single month.

In September a problem occurred and it looks like around half of the people got the newsletter and the other half did not. We have encountered similar problems earlier this year when BT was blocking mails to subscribers. That was eventually resolved by BT. There are many mechanisms that prevent the successful transmission of email, they are there largely because of the high volume of spam (junkmail) messages around.

We have been looking at what happened in September and taking steps to ensure it does not happen again, around 300 messages that we know about were never sent. For this reason the September newsletter was sent out a second time. If you have received it twice, please accept our apologies. With a problem like this you can only really test it by re-sending it out.

Retaining our readers

Hopefully you will know that we generally send one newsletter out a month unless we are aware of something that we think we should bring to your attention. In those cases we will send out an alert.  The newsletter carries a summary of the articles that were published in the previous month, and each carries a link back to the website.

We have a database of 895 subscribers. All of which have actively subscribed. All of which can unsubscribe at any time. Not everyone reads it or opens it each month, but we generally reach around 95% of our subscribers at one time or another.

Scrubbing the database

We will be monitoring error messages returned from email addresses from now on and if we see the same email addresses returning error messages (for example mailbox not available) then we will remove those email addresses from the database.

If you think you have signed up to the PVA newsletter and have not received one drop us a line and we will check that you are still registered.

For those that choose to unsubscribe we will delete them completely from our database.



Could not get to the newsletter?

We sent out a June Newsletter to all of the users on BT email accounts carrying a link which does not seem to work. My apologies about that.

The newsletter is built from the last few items on the news page published between May 11th to June 11th. So if you were interested please scan down through the news to see what the latest information is.

Or click on the link below to see the June Newsletter on the web.

June Newsletter from PVA. 




Many thanks to everyone that attended our AGM on the 26th of April at Prestwood Village Hall.  We had around 120 people present.

The presentations, minutes and other information are now on this website.  You can locate them on this page.

Seeking your feedback

At the meeting we asked for feedback on three questions. The answers to these will help to guide us over the coming year.  You may recall we did a similar exercise when we had our inaugural meeting.  We will publish the results later this year.

While we got some feedback at the AGM, we are seeking more.  Please can you provide us with your thoughts on the following questions:

AGM Feedback Request
* indicates required field

The PVA needs as much feedback as possible to help us to meet the needs of the people of Prestwood. Please can you help us by answering the following questions. Please select the button next to your answer and add comments where you can. Please tell us what you think, good and bad. Thank you for your participation. Go MAD for Prestwood Village Association; help Make A Difference

Q 2. OR Do you think the website should proactively seek more information from:

Thank you for helping PVA determine how we work in the future

The following is optional: Prestwood Village Association is run by volunteers, a few villagers that wanted to make a difference. You do not need to be on the committee to participate, but any help you can extend would help us to do more. If you are interested in helping please provide us with your contact details below.

Enter the text in the image below into the form before pressing submit. Thank you for helping us. If you cannot see the text clearly click on the small refresh symbol to the right of the image.


PVA 2017 AGM

A big Thank You for to all of our supporters and subscribers who attended our fourth AGM at Prestwood Village Hall on the 25th of April.



INVITATION to all our PVA subscribers

Latest draft programme:

PVA AGM Programme 

Please come and support our Third Anniversary Celebration and AGM…  Prestwood Village Hall on Tuesday 26 April – doors open at 7.00pm.


We aim to get through the AGM formalities as quickly as possible so that we can celebrate PVA’s third year together for the rest of the evening.

Many thanks to Nick & Jenny from MALT who will once again be bringing their Taster Bar and the ladies from the Village WIs who will tempt you to a cuppa and cake.   The evening’s programme includes latest updates on Chiltern District Council’s emerging Local Plan up to 2036, Abbey Gym Club’s funding campaign for their new building at Sprinters, MALT’s successful venture and much more, including savoury nibbles from PVA and displays from local groups.


7.00pm  Doors open to visit displays, Malt the Brewery’s taster bar and the WIs Cafe.

7.30pm  Annual General Meeting  – Notice of meeting PVA-AGM-Calling-notice-260416 including draft minutes of the AGM held on 21 April 2015.    

[Please print these off and bring with you, having previously read the draft minutes of the last AGM.]

We have a few vacancies for PVA committee members, especially if you’d like to contribute by helping with the website – training given.  To apply, here’s the form – AGM-Nomination-Form-Election-Committee-Members-2016 which needs to be back with PVA by 19 April.

7.45pm – 8.15 ‘ish   PVA Chair’s report, latest updates on Abbey Gym Club’s plans for the gymnasium building at Sprinters,  MALT the brewery on its continuing success, and CDC’s emerging local plan from John Gladwin, 

followed by Refreshments and Mix & Mingle until 9.30pm Chairman’s Summing Up.  Bring your friends and neighbours – tell us what you like or don’t like about PVA and help to shape its future.  If you plan to attend and can let us know in advance, please do so via Contact Us.  It will assist us with seating and catering arrangements.

Many thanks – Mark & Sue, Katy, Colin, Ian, Caroline,  Simon, Steve, Karine, John and Barbara – PVA Committee



A date with PVA for your diary

images30UZZ67VThis year’s PVA AGM and Celebration get-together will be in the Village Hall on Tuesday 26th April – Doors open at 7pm with a short AGM at 7.30pm and then on to the programme and mix and mingle.  MALT will be there with their Taster Bar once again and the ladies of the village WIs will be enticing you to a cuppa and cake.  All this, together with displays and savoury nibbles from the PVA ensure an “entertaining evening of engaging conviviality” … Music Hall terms!  Watch this space… more to follow shortly.



BT is blocking our newsletter!

We have received a report that our newsletter has not been received by some people holding BT accounts. I have checked our systems and can confirm that we have 180 subscribers on BT related email addresses that have not received the last newsletter.

If you are on a BT account it is highly likely that other mail (both wanted and unwanted) is being blocked. It is possible that messages are blocked based on the presence of certain words in the text.

Typical email addresses affected:



The message reported back to us indicates:   554 Message rejected for policy reasons ( – Please report any problems.

Laughably, I have reported the problem to the “BT Postmaster” who also rejected my “problem reporting email“. So like many others we are now stuck in a catch 22 situation.

Why does mail get blocked?

From time to time all service providers introduce methods to reduce spam from both entering their systems and leaving their systems. Unfortunately spam is a growing problem. Looking through BT forums it appears that lots of other people (legitimate users) are facing the same problems.  So we suspect that BT have introduced a new “feature” to filter mail.

We will continue to look into it to try to find out why, however many others are asking the same question and nobody in BT seems to know why.

If you missed the last newsletter you can pick it up by following this link: March 2016 Newsletter



Careless Parking

Prestwood Resident Sophie has written in to us:

Is anyone else concerned and completely fed up with the lack of respect that a lot of motorists have for people walking in the village? I regularly walk out with my daughter in her pram and am often unable to pass on the pavement and am forced to walk into the road due to cars being parked on the the path. Often completely on the path. This isn’t safe. This must affect anyone who wants to use the pavement including wheelchair users, mothers walking with small children and also I’m sure, elderly people with shopping trolleys. In many cases there is a complete disregard for double yellow lines and in particular local business owners should be more responsible in terms of delivery trucks and more aware of the safety of their fellow villagers and customers. Of course there are also residents who feel it’s ok to park on the path or a dangerous bend because it’s outside their house! Heaven forbid someone should walk 50 yards to their front door.

Am I alone in this?

Comments would be so welcome, action even more so!

(from PVA: We will check on what the formal position is if people are parking dangerously and what you can do about it. Watch this space. Do however make some comments below if you feel strongly about it. If you cannot see the comment box, click on the title of this news item and then you will see it at the bottom.)



100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?

houses from the sky

Prestwood has been identified as a potential candidate for urban extension to meet part of the housing needs in the CDC area over the next 16 years. One large site has been identified by Lepus Consulting which is an enlarged plot in the same location of the 76 New Homes site adjacent to Lodge Lane.  Refer to this document: “Sustainability Appraisal of the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan Initial Consultation (Regulation 18) Incorporating Issues and Options” (follow the link to download it) and look on page 91.

This area is approximately 9.75 Hectares in size. More than 4 times the size of 76 New Homes area.

Follow this link to open this in a larger screen.

The Local Plan is currently seeking feedback in terms of a formal public consultation which is underway, and closes on the 14th of March at 5pm.

What would you like us to do?

  • Can PVA encourage people to respond to this consultation?
  • Is it worth a small group of people digging through this mountain of paperwork to locate what is important to Prestwood?

Let us know please by posting a comment at the bottom of this article.

If we get a sufficiently large response we will put something together and send out an alert through the website in the next 10 – 14 days. Continue reading 100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?



PVA Website Visits Reach 4,641

Visitors in Jan 2016
Source: Google Analytics

We are seeing an unprecedented number of visitors to the Prestwood Village Association website over the past 30 days.

We cannot tell precisely where everyone comes from, the statistics are recorded by country. As we only offer local news then it is highly likely that this is from this local area and the surrounding villages.

15GB of data

Statistics for the hosting show that over 15GB of data has been sent from the website to web browsers over the same period.

What’s Hot?

Here are the top 10 pages over the period 29th Dec 2015 to 29th January 2016.

  1. Chequers Licence Application (1,319 visits)
  2.  Home page (922 visits)
  3. News from the Greene King Press Office (861 visits)
  4. News page (822 visits)
  5. News from the Greene King Press office comments (693 visits)
  6. HS2 Concedes more mitigation measures (399 visits)
  7. Future of the chequers pub (275 visits)
  8. Online petition against HS2 Uk’s Flood Defences (245 visits)
  9. Community Directory (151 visits)
  10. Future of the Chequers pub comment page (150 visits)




Winter has arrived

After an unseasonably warm December we woke up to snow this morning. So I have taken the opportunity to do a special new header for the website. There are three currently and they appear randomly. The new one is a panorama overlooking the field off of the Wycombe Road where the fireworks are held each year.

Here are some more snowy images of Prestwood from today.

Seeking your pictures

We are looking for some photographs of Prestwood or relating to Prestwood that we can add to the website. Many of the photographs on this site have been there since the day we turned it on, nearly 3 years ago.  Continue reading Winter has arrived



Thank you for your support

You may be interested to know that this website continues to go from strength to strength. At the time of writing we now have 864 subscribers signed up to receive alerts and newsletters and we have peaked at well over 5000 site visitors in July, largely influenced by people looking for the Prestwood Steam Rally.

Below is a snapshot of statistics for this site over the past 30 days. While we do not know who is visiting the site, we do have records by country.

Visitors from England

Worldwide Stats = 3000

The full set of information shows a higher number, but this includes visits from around the world. (This is a very optimistic number because it is Worldwide). Click on the image below to see a larger version of it. Continue reading Thank you for your support



New site template

We have been running this website since 2013 and it is time to bring it up to date.  The content is pretty much the same, but the wrapper it is presented in is quite different. 

Responsive website

The main difference is that the site is now mobile friendly. When you use a device to access the website it checks with the device to establish what the screen size is and presents the site differently.

The menu may be collapsed into an icon with three white lines across a black square, the sidebars will move under the site rather than to the side if your screen is too narrow.

What this all means is it is easier to access content on the site with a smart phone or tablet.

What has changed

At the time of publishing the site we are currently reviewing the site structure and navigation, and removing some redundant pages. This will take a couple of months to complete.  So changes will continue as we refine the site. Continue reading New site template



Website Glitch

We hit a problem in October when we tried to send out our monthly newsletter. It looks as though less than 5% of our subscribers received the newsletter, and when those people tried to click through to the site they got the message “Service Suspended.”

Well, we have been paying our bills, and it looks as though one of the security programs we use to protect the website was using too much bandwidth on the server the website is hosted on. Either that or we accidentally tried to send 850 emails in a few minutes. This was detected by the hosting company who assumed there was a problem with the site and took it offline.

The website was offline for around 24 hours, we contacted the hosting company to try to find out why the service was suspended and assure them that we were on the case.

We will not resend the newsletter for October again, as another one will be due out in a little under 2 weeks for November.

We apologise for any inconvenience, and hope that November’s newsletter will go out without any problems.

– PVA committee

If you missed the October Newsletter and still want to see it you can view it by clicking on the following link. October 2015 Newsletter.