Feedback from Prestwood

During the inaugural meeting on the 21st of April we invited the residents present to comment on which areas they were concerned about with regards to Prestwood. Below we have presented the results. We will analyse this information during the committee meeting at the end of May and will decide what action we can take through the website to assist people in these areas.

What you told PVA at our inaugural meeting

At the inaugural PVA meeting, we asked for your feedback about the Prestwood issues that concerned you. We were really pleased that we had more than 130 responses, written on post-it notes, which were divided into ‘Planning Issues’, ‘Local issues’ and ‘Other issues’.

We have analysed these and here are some of the key themes that emerged.

Local Issues:

Feedback Pie Diagram
What you told us on the 21st of April

Out of the 79 comments received about local issues, 30% were concerned about maintaining Prestwood, particularly in relation to the state of the roads and footpaths. People raised issues relating to transport, for example improving local bus links and having a more frequent bus service. Poor parking was a concern for 10% of responders, and a further 12% related to speeding. People were keen on having local events to bring the community together. They were also concerned about litter, and keeping up the general appearance of the village.

Planning issues:

Pie chart about Planning Issues
What you told us about planning issues

30 comments were received relating to local planning. The main concern expressed was the lack of council communication about planning issues, whether that was about difficulties of locating key planning information on the Chiltern District Council’s website, or wanting posters placed near sites where planning permission has been requested. Some issues overlapped with those in local issues, such as concern about poor parking when the new Sainsbury’s opens.

Other Issues

Pie chart showing Other issues
Pie chart for other issues

Improving and increasing the community facilities available locally was a concern raised by several people under ‘other issues’. Knowing about and taking up volunteering opportunities, having more local events and building community spirit was also raised. People who attended the meeting were keen that the PVA promoted itself well, and thought carefully about its purpose.

What next?

The PVA is keen to ensure Prestwood residents are able to do something about the issues that concern them, whether that be through participating in local groups such as Community Speedwatch to help reduce speeding locally, or simply knowing how to report areas needing maintenance such as potholes.

Here are some key links to enable you to find out more and help us tackle some of the issues raised:

  • Speeding: Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs and Neighbourhood Action Group
  • Potholes: You can take direct action on Potholes and pathway maintenance by following this link to our community directory item on Bucks County Council .
  • Volunteering locally . If you are interested in volunteering please contact PVA through the contact us page. We will look at how we can connect people through the website at a later time.
  • Local events . We have an Events page on the website. Let us know if there is something that we should list here.
  • Planning issues . This is an area where there is a lot of activity currently largely through the Chiltern District Council DDPD document. Read about this on the Consultations page . We will continue to bring new items to your attention as and when we are aware of them.

From time to time, sub-committees of the main PVA committee will form to tackle issues of particular concern locally. Keep an eye on the website for opportunities to take part.

Thank you for your participation, we will refer to these lists in future communications.

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