Minutes of PVA AGM 15 April 2014

Prestwood Village Association

[Draft] Minutes – Annual General Meeting

Tuesday April 15 2014 at 7.30pm in Prestwood Village Hall

Present: PVA Committee Members: John Cadman (Chairman), Henry Hall (Treasurer), Katy Nex (Secretary), Anne Banks, Mary Cadman, Karine Lipinski, Barbara Rowett, Mark Wingrove; 130 PVA members and invited guests.

Apologies: Received from Committee member Colin Veysey (many thanks for setting up a/v equipment), Bob Swayne, Mike Lee (GMPC), Andrew Garnett (CDC), Alan Stevens (BCC).

Minutes of the inaugural meeting (21 April 2013)   Proposed: John Cadman, Seconded: Andrew Lewis, Vote: All in favour. Against: none. The minutes of the inaugural meeting were therefore agreed.

Matters Arising – None

Chairman’s Report John Cadman presented his annual report.  This summarised the reasons for PVA being set up and the progress made in the first year.

  • Approximately 25% of the village population subscribe to the PVA newsletter. The aim for 2014/15 is to increase this to 50% of the Prestwood population.
  • John thanked Mark Wingrove for all his input into the website, and the committee for theirs too. The website enables the local community to have your say about matters that concern them, directly to the responsible authority.
  • John updated the attendees about the active role PVA members play in supporting the Parish Council and Community Speedwatch.
  • The PVA has been kindly supported by Sweet Charity, which funded the PVA’s ‘Keep to the Speed Limit’ campaign with the 30mph wheelie-bin stickers for those who live on Prestwood roads most prone to speeding locally.
  • More residents are needed to sign up for the newsletter and to actively use the website.

Finally, John reported that the PVA committee feels it has made good progress towards its objectives in its first year, and welcomes feedback on its objectives for the coming one.

The full Event Report is available on the PVA web-site.

Questions from the floor

Q: How does the PVA publicise itself to those not on computer? Could there be a printable form of the newsletter?

A: The PVA asks people to ‘buddy up’ with someone who has a computer. There are 12 postal members at present. If people are aware of others – please use the ‘contact us’ form on the website to help them sign up. The PVA intends to continue to be primarily web-based.

Q: How could the PVA best interact with ‘The Source’, particularly its pages for younger village residents?

A: The PVA writes articles for ‘The Source’ and Mark Wingrove updated the AGM on ‘The Zone’ section of the website developed for younger people to set up for themselves. The Committee liaised with local schools and local contacts but there were no takers. In 2014/15 the Committee will use social media more to increase PVA’s presence online for younger people.  

Treasurer’s Report – For the full report, see statement of accounts available on the PVA web-site.   The accounts 2013 to date were formally received, approved and adopted by the AGM.   Proposer: Mary Cadman, Seconded: Paul Mes, Vote: All in favour. None against.

Election of Committee Members – Katy Nex, PVA Secretary updated the meeting that there were 4 resignations from the Committee in 2013/14 for personal reasons:

  • Madeleine Harrison, Lizzy Kirton, Malcolm Paddick, David Smith
  • Steve Hayes and Bob Swayne were not standing for re-election.

Katy thanked them for their input during the time they have been on the Committee.  All other committee members were prepared to stand for re-election and were elected en bloc.

  • Anne Banks, John Cadman, Mary Cadman, Henry Hall, Karine Lipinski, Katy Nex, Barbara Rowett, Colin Veysey, Mark Wingrove.

Proposed: Mark Wingrove, Seconded: Barbara Rowett, Vote: All in favour. Against: None.

Election of Chairman – John Cadman was nominated for re-election as Chairman. No other nominations were received.   Proposed: Barbara Rowett, Seconded: Mark Wingrove. Vote: All in favour. Against: None.

Election of Treasurer – Henry Hall had offered himself for re-election as Treasurer. No other nominations were received.    Proposed: Roy Sawyer, Seconded: Malcolm Wellman. Vote: All in favour. Against: None.

Election of Secretary – Katy Nex had offered herself for re-election as Secretary. No other nominations were received.   Proposed: John Cadman, Seconded: Henry Hall. Vote: All in favour. Against: None.

Additional nomination for Committee Membership – Maggie Coles had volunteered to be on the Committee.  Proposed: Henry Hall, Seconded: Anne Banks. Vote: All in favour. Against: None.

John Cadman updated the AGM that there were still spaces for 4 Committee members. Interested subscribers could contact any Committee member for more information.

This ended the formal business of the AGM.   A copy of the slide presentation can be found here.



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