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HS2 Latest

The House of Lords Select Committee has set out its hearing programme from 7 – 9 June;  all are  Locus Standi challenges.

Eight  MPs with constituencies directly and specially affected by the proposed route for Phase 1 of HS2  have joined together to write to the House of Lords regarding the latest petitioning process in that House.  The letter is attached.

Bucks County Council’s petition response document is available here.    It may well take some time to upload as it is 56 pages long.

HS2 Alerts

If you would like to be kept up to date will all the latest information on HS2 matters please contact Andrea Polden  email  who will add you to her mailing list. Andrea is a volunteer who shares daily information on HS2 matters.



Prestwood Village Centre – Proposals for improvement

Prestwood Revitalisation Group (GMPRG) is seeking local residents’ views on proposals to create a more vibrant village centre.

By following this link you can  take a look at a short video, produced and edited by local company Five on a Bike, which gives a brief introduction on how the village centre could look and you can give your feedback via the online consultation form.

For those that would like to know more, there is also a film of the presentation given by Ben Hamilton-Baillie of Hamilton-Baillie Associates to the village on 22 March, and an accompanying report Prestwood Report 02b small Final which explains the approach and the original brief, where you can find out how and why this project has come about.

Sketch proposal for a “recognisable village centre with its own identity which will help lower speeds, significantly improve pedestrian links and the environment for local shops and businesses”:

Chequers after

Continue reading Prestwood Village Centre – Proposals for improvement



Comment on local transport by 29 January deadline

Update – 13 April 2016 – Bucks County Council’s Local Transport Plan up to 2036 has now been published following the public consultation that finished at the end of January 2016.  To see the results go to this link and have a look at the accompanying documents/appendices.  

Particularly relevant to Prestwood is specific information on the bus network proposals under “Total Transport: the bus network Buckinghamshire needs in Appendix 1. page 58   and another interesting section is Road Safety on page 62.

Appendix 2 makes interesting reading too and well worth skimming through the comments made in green, especially on bus networks and parking.

There appears to be scope for local groups to liaise directly with BCC in the future to try and achieve satisfactory conclusions to local problems – anyone prepared to take the lead on this in Prestwood?

Originally published on PVA website on 23 January 2016 – Everyone in Prestwood is affected by local transport, whether we  use buses, trains, drive, cycle or walk.  Until 29 January, we all have an opportunity to send in our views on the Local Transport Plan (LTP) developed by Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC).

The LTP is a policy document setting out the Council’s priorities until the year 2036,  so will impact on us for decades.  BCC is in charge of transport locally, including buses, school buses, trains, roads, parking, cycling, pavements, rights of way and so on.  Continue reading Comment on local transport by 29 January deadline



EDL and counter-demonstrations in High Wycombe

A comprehensive operation is planned to police the EDL and counter demonstrations in High Wycombe tomorrow, Saturday 9 April.

TVP header

In order to help the police facilitate a peaceful protest, the use of Section 60AA of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 has been authorised. This power enables police officers to require a person to remove any item, which the officer believes that person is wearing wholly or mainly for the purpose of concealing their identity.

Anyone failing to comply with this request will be committing a criminal offence.

Thames Valley Police wishes to assure those involved or affected by the protests that our aim remains to maximise the safety of all those involved and facilitate the right to protest peacefully  whilst  minimising disruption.



HS2 Bill in the House of Lords – petitioning

Update – 5 April 2016 – Mike Johnstone of Great Missenden Parish Council has kindly supplied two documents to help you petition the House of Lords by the deadline of 5pm on 18 April. 

HL Generic Template petition for GM parish

Petitioning guidance April 2016

Update from the Bucks County Council HS2 Team on 2 April:

A reminder that the deadline for petitioning the House of Lords is 5pm on 18 April.   Four community events have been organised including one in Aylesbury on 5th April and on 12th April at the CDC offices in Amersham.   For further information and how to book a seat see  20160401 E update 1 April 2016.

Message from Great Missenden Parish Council  (24 March 2016):

In the House of Commons, an extension to the Chiltern Tunnel to South Heath was won; it is now time to take the fight to the House of Lords Select Committee and ask for a longer tunnel. Continue reading HS2 Bill in the House of Lords – petitioning



You’re invited to a meeting ….

Have you booked your place yet to ensure you’ve got a seat?
A “new heart” in Prestwood – your feedback appreciated

Message from John Skrimshire, Chair of Great Missenden Parish Revitalisation Group

We hope you can join us on Tuesday 22 March, when highway designer Ben Hamilton-Baillie of Hamilton-Baillie Associates will be presenting his thoughts on how to put a “new heart in Prestwood” by creating an improved village centre as a focal point for the community and promoting road safety.

Bucks County Council and Chiltern District Council have granted funding to Prestwood Revitalisation Group (GMPRG) for this project.   PRG have in turn briefed highway experts to consider the problems associated with the village centre, such as the lack of a defined centre to the village, parking issues and traffic management.  The link to the brief explaining the background to this project is here.

Feedback to the concept is needed from local residents and stakeholders, so we do hope you can come along.   Please book your place in advance by emailing  as space in the hall is limited.

7pm on Tuesday 22 March  at  Prestwood Village Hall,  1 Wycombe Road, Prestwood, Bucks HP16 0NZ

With best wishes,  John Skrimshire,  Chair of Great Missenden Parish Revitalisation Group  



Please Clean for the Queen this weekend

Update on how the event went – 08 03 16 

Undeterred by the chilly winds, hailstones and snow shower, 20 enthusiastic Prestwood residents took up the challenge over three days to collect litter and fly-tipped rubbish throughout Prestwood village.  Approximately 50 refuse sacks filled with bottles, cans and other discarded litter were picked up.  In addition, a myriad of other items, including a large umbrella, a canvas tent, several heavy chunks of wood and metal, many broken pieces of glass, two smashed plastic chairs, two tyres, three traffic cones, part of a litter bin, a garden hose on a reel, plastic mesh, a metal post holder, metal grills, broken car parts and a bike frame were picked up. 

March Litter Pick 2016 002

Interestingly, one of the volunteers was pleased to be reunited with the sparse remains of her bicycle which had been recently stolen from her house. As you will see from the photographs, a staggering amount of waste was gathered by a disappointingly small number of  willing volunteers.  All participants deserve to be congratulated for their wonderful efforts.  Thank you for joining me in the ‘Clean for the Queen’.     Kind Regards  Jeanette Hedley

Our own Madame Cholet is leading “Clean for the Queen” in Prestwood 4th, 5th and 6th. ‘Clean for the Queen’ volunteers needed to help during this weekend with the Prestwood Litter Pick. This is a nationwide event. Tools, refuse sacks and hi-viz tops available from 18 Orchard Lane.   A  great opportunity to join together with Prestwood residents to clean up our lovely village. Please spare an hour or two and make Prestwood a cleaner place to live. See here for further information.



Careless Parking

Prestwood Resident Sophie has written in to us:

Is anyone else concerned and completely fed up with the lack of respect that a lot of motorists have for people walking in the village? I regularly walk out with my daughter in her pram and am often unable to pass on the pavement and am forced to walk into the road due to cars being parked on the the path. Often completely on the path. This isn’t safe. This must affect anyone who wants to use the pavement including wheelchair users, mothers walking with small children and also I’m sure, elderly people with shopping trolleys. In many cases there is a complete disregard for double yellow lines and in particular local business owners should be more responsible in terms of delivery trucks and more aware of the safety of their fellow villagers and customers. Of course there are also residents who feel it’s ok to park on the path or a dangerous bend because it’s outside their house! Heaven forbid someone should walk 50 yards to their front door.

Am I alone in this?

Comments would be so welcome, action even more so!

(from PVA: We will check on what the formal position is if people are parking dangerously and what you can do about it. Watch this space. Do however make some comments below if you feel strongly about it. If you cannot see the comment box, click on the title of this news item and then you will see it at the bottom.)



One-way system in Orchard Lane

Many thanks to local resident Malcolm in the High Street for delving into the reason for the one-way system currently operating in Orchard Lane, Prestwood.   Our local TfB Area Technician, Rusty, ie Kathleen Wilmhurst has got to the bottom of it:

“Apparently this is a temporary change turning Orchard Lane into a one way system to facilitate Thames Water utility works. Prior to the works being programmed a meeting was held (last year) with all the residents concerned at the village hall & in addition to this a letter drop was sent out as well for confirmation.

“This is a temporary change (not permanent) & should be back to normal early April at the completion of the utility company works.

“Our streetworks inspector is regularly checking to ensure that this site is safe & complying with the TTRO (temporary Traffic regulation order).      Hope this helps – Kind regards,  Rusty.”

Thanks Malcolm for the information.     Prestwood Village Assn





100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?

houses from the sky

Prestwood has been identified as a potential candidate for urban extension to meet part of the housing needs in the CDC area over the next 16 years. One large site has been identified by Lepus Consulting which is an enlarged plot in the same location of the 76 New Homes site adjacent to Lodge Lane.  Refer to this document: “Sustainability Appraisal of the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan Initial Consultation (Regulation 18) Incorporating Issues and Options” (follow the link to download it) and look on page 91.

This area is approximately 9.75 Hectares in size. More than 4 times the size of 76 New Homes area.

Follow this link to open this in a larger screen.

The Local Plan is currently seeking feedback in terms of a formal public consultation which is underway, and closes on the 14th of March at 5pm.

What would you like us to do?

  • Can PVA encourage people to respond to this consultation?
  • Is it worth a small group of people digging through this mountain of paperwork to locate what is important to Prestwood?

Let us know please by posting a comment at the bottom of this article.

If we get a sufficiently large response we will put something together and send out an alert through the website in the next 10 – 14 days. Continue reading 100s of new homes proposed for Prestwood?



CDC’s Emerging Local Plan


On 20 January, Graham Winwright, CDC’s Planning Policy Manager, unveiled the next stage of the Emerging Local Plan for Chilterns & South Bucks 2014-2036 and PVA went along to find out more.    His presentation can be seen here.

To catch up from the beginning see previous articles, 13 January, 12 February 2015,  Emerging Chiltern & South Bucks Local Plan and 14 January 2016.

This current public consultation, on Issues and Options, is aimed at raising awareness and encouraging participation amongst local groups and organisations as well as the public.  It will be carried out in accordance with both councils’  Statement of Community Involvement and runs from 19th January  to 5pm on 14th March 2016.

As Chiltern District Council has now joined forces with South Bucks District Council in this exercise, the whole process has once again been re-started and, therefore, all submissions by everyone in previous public consultations need to be repeated and re-emphasised.
Continue reading CDC’s Emerging Local Plan



HS2 concedes more mitigation measures to Bucks

Hard-won concessions came on Wednesday (20 January) in an eleventh hour offer from HS2 Ltd, when Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) was back in front of the Commons HS2 Select Committee.

The County Council, working with district and parish councils, made submissions to the Select Committee in October, which won mitigation measures for damage and disruption the high-speed rail line is expected to cause.    These included flood alleviation and monitoring measures, rights-of-way changes, school and public transport concessions, a pledge to recycle 95% of construction, demolition and excavation waste, and the removal of two controversial spoil dump sites from the plan.

Two major issues dominated the eleventh-hour negotiations and were particularly tough to reach agreement on, one being:

Local communities in Great Missenden and Prestwood expressed their concerns to the council about the proposal to provide a haul road for construction traffic from the Link Road roundabout on the A413.   The council asked that an alternative haul road be provided further north.   HS2 Ltd has agreed to this, subject to the council securing the necessary consents and that any alternative proposal doesn’t increase the cost.

See here  for last news item reported by PVA on this.

Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in the hard work to achieve this.

There are three information releases related to this that you can download and open below:

The documents have come from Bucks County Council.



Transport Consultation

This article was originally uploaded here on 8 December 2015:

A REMINDER:  Many Prestwood residents are concerned about the inadequate bus service provided by the 48 Route – now is your chance to have your say – you need to have responded by deadline of 29th January.

If you are unable to complete the on-line survey BCC have confirmed that it welcomes written responses to:

Bucks County Council, Transport Strategy, 7th Floor, County Hall, Walton Street, Aylesbury HP20 1UY

or email:

PVA provided feedback to the Bucks County Council about the relative short time the last transport survey was conducted at the end of the summer holiday period this year. It was only open for a two week window and not particularly well advertised. We have no idea if a valid sample was achieved. 

We would like to encourage all residents to participate in new extended survey as it will affect everyone that uses transport. Closing date is  29th January. 

Have Your Say

Don’t leave it to someone else!

Have your say on Buckinghamshire’s transport plan for the future

Monday, December 7 was the launch day for an extended eight-week public consultation on Buckinghamshire’s draft Local Transport Plan and I’d be really grateful if you would take part.

As our economy and population grow, good transport will become more important.  In fact, one can’t happen without the other.

The draft Local Transport Plan is a blueprint for travel in Buckinghamshire in the future, covering all types of transport and looking ahead to 2036.  It sets out how transport can play a vital part in realising the County Council’s vision to make Buckinghamshire a great place to live and work.

It is clear about maintaining and enhancing the county’s special environment, and helping residents and businesses to thrive and develop one of the strongest and most productive economies in the country. It sets out the policies that show the route we intend to take to make these aims a reality. Continue reading Transport Consultation



On-line petition against HS2 – UK’s Flood Defences instead


Our local CDC Councillor, John Gladwin, has alerted us to a new on-line petition just launched which requests that the funds for HS2 be spent instead on flood defences for those areas of the UK which have been ravaged by recent weather conditions and to improve these in areas which could face similar problems in the future.

If this can get to 10,000 signatures, the Govt has to respond to it.  If it gets 100,000 there has to be a debate in Parliament. This would then give everybody else who wants funds allocated to bring that into the discussion.  Also there are indications that Labour is wavering, so it would give them an opportunity to voice their doubts.

The petition is accessed here

It currently has 6,300 signatures, some way from the number required for Government to consider, so do please sign up if you feel able.    



Further news on the public consultation for a new Local Plan

As we reported earlier,  Chiltern & South Bucks District Councils have agreed to undertake a Joint Local Plan (2014 to 2036) and from 19 January until 14 March the councils will be undertaking an initial public consultation on a Local Plan incorporating consultation on key issues and options.

The councils want to help local groups and organisations that have an interest in the Local Plan engage in the consultation process and to help raise awareness within their communities/groups and encourage local residents and other interested parties to engage.   PVA will be represented at a briefing session on 20 January where officers and lead Council members will be available to explain the consultation, the process, options and answer any questions.

Graham Winwright, Planning Policy Manager, Chiltern & South Bucks District Councils, points  out “This is an important time for Chiltern and South Bucks which, like many districts across the country, will see significant development pressures over the next two decades.

“The councils are required to plan to meet their communities development needs, which for Chiltern & South Bucks will be a very significant challenge given the level of needs, the Green Belt, our environmental constraints and likely infrastructure needs (eg roads, schools, health facilities, utility services) required to support development.”

Continue reading Further news on the public consultation for a new Local Plan



Clean for the Queen

The biggest ever clean-up of the country will be taking place in March

LATEST UPDATE:  11 January 2016 Clean for the Queen

Our local Madame Cholet, Jeanette Hedley, is running Prestwood’s campaign to “Clean for the Queen” for 3 days  – the 4th, 5th and of 6th March.   “Litter picking equipment (tools, hi viz tops and refuse sacks, but not gloves) can be collected from my house, Grasmere, 18 Orchard Lane, Prestwood, between 10am and 2pm on each day and directions will be given to volunteers on areas to litter pick and where to deposit the filled refuse sacks.

“Any amount of time given to clearing up the village is most appreciated.  Anyone wishing to contact me prior to the event is welcome to ring on 01494 866460.  Thank you.”

In the run up to The Queen’s 90th birthday on 21 April 2016, all of the litter charities across the country have come together in support of the campaign to “Clean for the Queen”, together with a growing range of companies, land managers and associations.  The aim is to inspire a million people to take action and enjoy a few hours together litter-picking to make the places where we live more beautiful.

“For Her and for us all, we want to attack the blight of litter and reclaim our beautiful countryside, our fabulous cities, our world class parks, our wonderful beaches and waterways.”

There will be ‘Clean for The Queen’ litter blitzes throughout the UK in January, February and March, and the most monumental of all litter clear-ups from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 March 2016.

Prestwood’s Chief Wombler, Jeanette Hedley, will be spearheading Prestwood’s grand litter-pick during this period – so please put the dates in your diary now with more info to follow nearer the time.  Your support in making this event truly spectacular will be appreciated.  If you know of a local “grot spot” then join in and give it a go.   If you’d like to also support the campaign directly via your school or workplace then go to to find out more and register your interest.

Keep Britain Tidy Bin it  Clean Up Britain Cleaning UK  Marine  CPRE



Vehicle Speed in Prestwood

Prestwood Village Association has been provided with some data collected on behalf of Transport for Bucks. This uses the strips across the road rather than a laser or radar based speed detection device. It monitors throughout the day and collects statistics.

These statistics are now more than 3 years old. We have asked Great Missenden Parish Council to provide PVA with updated information based on the MVAS devices we use around the village.

This first set of data was recorded over the period 12/09/12 to 19/09/12 60m south west of Barley View on the A4128 (Prestwood High Street). These graphs record eastbound traffic. (Traffic heading into Great Missenden) Continue reading Vehicle Speed in Prestwood



Community Speedwatch team commended

Influencing Safety in Prestwood


At the recent Thames Valley Police Chiltern & South Bucks LPA Commander’s Awards Ceremony at Taplow House Hotel,  the Prestwood Community Speed Watch  volunteers received a commendation and several of them attended to collect it from the TVP Area Commander, Supt Yvette Hitch, and the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire.


The citation reads:

“Awarded to the Prestwood Community Speedwatch volunteers who are commended for their ongoing commitment to their local community, making the roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, and supporting the development of new Community Speed Watch schemes in the area.”


In 2008, three priority issues of concern were identified by Prestwood  residents to Thames Valley Community Police  via The Misbourne Neighbourhood Action Group  – speeding, anti-social behaviour and parking.   The local NAG, under the chairmanship of  Reverend Deiniol Heywood, supported proposals for the pedestrian crossing near the Co-op, better security for the Hazell Road flats and organised volunteer usage of Community Speedwatch (CSW) equipment locally.  Continue reading Community Speedwatch team commended



BREAKING NEWS: 76 new homes

NB: deadline for comments to CDC Planning has been extended to Friday 8 December

Planning Application has re-appeared

Households nearest the potential site have started receiving their Neighbourhood Notification letter from CDC today regarding a further application for 76 new homes off Lodge Lane with access via Widmere and Dell Fields.

You can access the papers on the Chiltern District Council Planning portal under application CH/2015/1901/OA.   Our local CDC Councillor, John Gladwin, has already called it in to be discussed and determined by CDC Planning Committee.

What can I do?  – Don’t leave it to someone else

Chiltern District Council  Representations should be made either in writing to the Development Control Manager, Chiltern District Council, King George V Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5AW or by e-mail to, or on-line.  Please be sure to include your postal address and the reference: Application No. CH/2015/1901/OA .   Your comments need to be received by Tuesday 1 December 2015.
Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: 76 new homes