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Chequers Folk – Wednesday 25th October

From Phillippa Wallin:
Dear Chequers Folk folk…
Last week there was a report from a northern Chinese village claiming they had discovered a 60ft long dragon’s skeleton. Hard to believe? Well yes, but stranger things have happened and as Guy Fawkes night approaches, Chequers Folk will be on Wednesday 25 October (which is the 4th Wednesday in the month – the only time in the 6-year history of our folk club!), to add sparkle, fire and flying fingers to the preceding week.
So – the question will again be asked…. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

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Prestwood on the West End stage….

22 Students from Chiltern Academy are very excited to be performing on the West End stage later this month. The invited students,  ages 10-17, will spend the day rehearsing at the Shaftesbury Theatre culminating in a performance that evening.

Two new pieces have been especially commissioned for this incredible opportunity, a contemporary dance number and  a Musical Theatre number highlighting the diverse talent within the Academy.


Tel: 01494 862006



Chequers Folk: 20th September 2017 at 8pm

Dear Chequers Folk folk…

The August break has come and gone, so the feel of a new start is in the air…. Schools have gone back and Chequers Folk is here again. So, this term we have some new things that we want to share, and new projects that we’re working on.

This month we’re looking forward to Megan playing fiddle with us again, as well as a few new tunes that have been added to the Wick Trimmers’ repertoire. David and Peter will be duetting together, and they also have been busy recording David’s music – with Peter doing the mastering.  The CD, called Rough Diamonds, will be available on the evening… and I, (Colin), think it’s excellent! Continue reading Chequers Folk: 20th September 2017 at 8pm



Group Spotlight – John Hampden Surgery Patient Group

JHS Patient Participation GroupThe Patients’ Voice

All GP surgeries are required to have what is called a patient participation group (PPG).   At John Hampden Surgery the group has become more active over the last 18 months.   The aims of the group are

  • to help John Hampden Surgery understand and learn from patients’ experiences
  • to help the surgery raise awareness of issues that impact patients’ health
  • to raise funds that will be used to improve the surgery for the benefit of all patients

It has a committee of 10 volunteer patients who meet every 6 weeks – every quarter the meeting is attended by one or more of the doctors and with the practice manager.

Activities over the past 18 months include improving communications with patients with a new noticeboard and leaflets for the waiting room, articles in the surgery’s quarterly newsletter, recruiting more than 250 patients to provide occasional feedback, and holding periodic events in the surgery waiting room to sound out patients’ views.  Continue reading Group Spotlight – John Hampden Surgery Patient Group



Group Spotlight – The Chiltern Academy

The Chiltern Academy was established in 1973 by Jane Anderson’s mother, Elaine, when she took over a High Wycombe dance school where Jane had been a student.   It was a wonderful challenge for Elaine to run her own business – her husband came up with the new name and Chiltern Academy’s journey began.

The Prestwood studio opened in 1976 and started with a handful of eager students attending class on Friday afternoons.  Little did they know that, over 40 years later, Chiltern Academy would still be thriving with nearly 300 students coming through the door each week.

What started as a local village dance school, offering ballet classes one afternoon a week, has since become one  of Buckinghamshire’s most prestigious performing arts schools with students travelling from as far as Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire to attend.  Numerous students go on to vocational colleges and successful careers within the dance world.  Continue reading Group Spotlight – The Chiltern Academy



The Rock Project comes to Prestwood

Aspiring young pop and rock stars can start to climb the ladder of success with the launch of a new music school in Prestwood!

The Rock Project is the UK’s leading school for children’s contemporary music tuition. It offers group lessons in electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals for young people aged 7-18 years old.

Weekly sessions at The Rock Project offer budding chart-toppers the chance to develop their musical talents as well as experience in playing together as a band. Continue reading The Rock Project comes to Prestwood



Help needed at Prestwood Toddler Group

A plea for additional help from Anne Neill, secretary of Prestwood Toddler Group:

“We are a community group run by local mums and carers.  It is one of the best stay and play groups in the area and we often run our
sessions full to capacity with 50 children in attendance each week.
Due to the natural progression of our committee members as their
children grow, we are in desperate need of volunteers to help keep the group going.  We regret that without new committee members in place by September the Group can no longer run.  We are hopeful that amongst our local community there are volunteers willing to give some of their time to enable this valuable resource to continue.

“If you are able to help us in any way we would be very grateful. ”



Chequers Folk

Dear Chequers Folk folk…

It is with a little pride, and quite a lot of prejudice, that we feel Chequers Folk is rather special. It is the 200th anniversary of the last days of Jane Austen, and July 19th will be the 200th day of the year! So, we’ll begin with 200 pipers (well, actually only half of them), and then celebrate the marching of thyme… with some of our old friends… (no – not that old, but you know what we mean!).

So, Clive and Sue will be returning to share some great trad numbers and we also have David and Peter with us again. Of course, history is written by the victors, and not always exactly in accord with reality… not so Bob’s retelling of his-story which is of course 200% accurate. Continue reading Chequers Folk



Celebrating 10 years – The Source for HP16

Best wishes and thanks to Colin   Veysey, Anthony Sykes, Holly Burrows and the many other volunteers who all play a crucial part in helping to produce each edition of The Source for HP16 and distribute it to its 6,000 readership five times a year, for free.

CONGRATULATIONS on ten years of ever increasing success and to the 50th edition just out.  It’s a real tribute to the community spirit in HP16.

As Colin explains “There are still many in the community who do not have a computer and some of those are the most in need of information about opportunities, events and news of the community – that is almost impossible to find when mobility becomes difficult.

“Equally, some of us simply surf… and rarely read, or are rarely in the area through work etc.  For you, the website gives access to events, news and opportunities in the HP16 area that could otherwise be inaccessible.” for back issues.

If you’d like to help, either providing news, delivering the papers, or you’re interested in filling the Reception Desk vacancy,  please do contact email:  



Chequers Folk – Wed 21st June

Dear Chequers Folk folk…
No, it’s not a dream, it will be Midsummer’s day (astronomically speaking) as we enjoy Chequers Folk this month… almost as far from Christmas as it can be (so expect the decorations to start going up soon!).
Whether we will introduce any Christmas or dreamy Shakespearean references we will have to wait and see, but certainly we hope for better weather than when Shakespeare wrote his play – ‘June and July were very wet and wonderfull cold like winter, that the 10 dae of Julii many did syt by the fyer, and there were gret fludes’. Ah, the British Summer (1594).
This month, alongside The Wick Trimmers, we have the return of David and Peter, and Kate will be singing both a cappella and with the band.
So… we do look forward to seeing you there…  
From The Wick Trimmers


Spring into action at Sprinters

Sprinters is continuing its “no joining fee offer” to Prestwood Village Association subscribers interested in signing up at Sprinters to get fit for 2017.

All you need do is show Reception your latest emailed PVA newsletter on your mobile prior to registering, or  take a print-out of it with you.

If you’d like to join Sprinters but aren’t a subsciber to the PVA emailed monthly newsletter, then join up to receive it – PVA will bring the local news to you monthly and you can also take advantage of Sprinters’ offer…

Visit the Sprinters display stand at the PVA’s AGM/Social evening in the Village Hall on Tuesday 25 April (doors open 7pm) to find out more.



Chequers Folk – Wed 19 April – 8pm – The Chequers Tree

Dear Chequers Folk folk…

After the long weekend of opportunity that the Easter holiday brings, whether it’s church, garden, rest, family or friends, it will be time for a trip to The Chequers Folk club on Wednesday 19 April.

All the way from Buckingham, (and more recently, via Cuba too!), Fraser and Toots will be returning to share some more of their repertoire of relaxed, varied and humorous music and stories.

Although there’s not a connection specifically with the Easter story, we are looking forward to a very rare set from the Family Cross. We know Peter as the mandolin player, Linda has been playing Ukulele with us along with Jo on flute, and Adam will be bringing the whole family together with both clarinet and accordion.

And The Wick Trimmers? Yes, we’ll be doing a few of our tunes, and maybe even touch on the Easter story.

Do remember to come and buy tickets (only £8 each) for The Dovetail Trio who will be playing at Chequers Folk on May 17.

We look forward to a great evening at The Chequers Tree with you all.

From The Wick Trimmers



Invitation to all PVA subscribers

Please support our Fourth Anniversary Celebration and AGM…Prestwood Village Hall on Tuesday 25 April

PVA AGM Programme 250417

7.00pm  Doors open – an opportunity to visit displays

7.30pm  Annual General Meeting  – Notice of meeting AGM Calling notice 250417 including PVA AGM Minutes 2016 v.2  and proposed amendments to the Constitution PVA Constitution-2017 Final [Please read and print these off and bring with you].

We have a few vacancies for PVA committee members so if you’d like to contribute then please apply –  here’s the form AGM-Nomination-Form-Election-Committee-Members-2017 which needs to be back with PVA by 17 April.   For further information see here.
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Free tickets – Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway

200 Free tickets for a ride on the Steam Train with tea and cake at Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway

Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway have 200 tickets to give away to the elderly community and their carers within a 10 mile radius of Princes Risborough.  They’re running a special Steam charter on Tuesday 2nd May and all those with tickets will enjoy a Vintage Steam Train ride of approximately 50 minutes with tea and cake / biscuits on either their 11:00 or 13:00 services.  (100 tickets per train)
It is totally free and you need only provide your own transport to and from Chinnor Station.
They advise that those attending are able to negotiate the few steps to the platform and again into the carriage – although there is a ramp there.  Two wheelchairs can be accommodated on-board per trip in a newly adapted carriage.

To obtain your free tickets please contact Ray Gomm, Group Bookings Manager, on 07718 003 133 letting him know how many tickets you require ( including carers ) up to a maximum of 25 per organisation and your preference of time.  First come – first served so please don’t delay….book now

Ray Gomm  -Group & Special Events Manager
Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway


Tel:  07718 003133



Collection of Honeybee Swarms

Message from Brian Bush, MBBKA swarm officer:

Every year in conjunction with the BBKA, Mid Bucks beekeepers plays its part in the collection of honeybee swarms throughout the UK.

Mid Bucks beekeepers have been very successful in recent years collecting on average over 100 swarms per year.  Most of this success has been due to the help received from local councils and other organisations in informing and educating the general public.

Research has shown that swarms that are not collected and allowed to find their own nest sites have only a 30% chance of surviving for a year. This falls to less than 10% for surviving 2 winters.

One of the main causes of these losses is the varroa mite that infests almost all bee colonies.  Beekeepers can treat these mites and reduce their effect on bees and increase the chances of survival – swarm document 2017.

As a beekeeping association we run a dedicated swarm line during the summer months. The line becomes active on April 1st. this year – Swarm Hotline = 07770370132, and I’m asking you to publicise this important service locally.  NB: Check the BBKA website first to identify that you have a honeybee rather than a bumblebee swarm.  Thanks in advance for your vital help.